Dangerous or Distressed?



  • behavior is deadly
  • conduct is imminently reckless
  • behavior is dangerous to self or others
What are signs to look for?
  • intense anger
  • intoxicated
  • intense withdrawl
  • discusses weapons
To Get Help
  • Call Campus Safety at (805) 493-3911. 
  • Call 911.


  • very anxious
  • sad
  • withdrawn
  • lacks motivation
  • seeks constant attention
What are signs to look for?
  • interactions feel less like academic counseling and begin to feel more like personal counseling
To Get Help
  • Submit a CARE report to care@callutheran.edu.
  • Call Counseling and Psychological Services at (805) 493-3727.

If a student is causing a disruption but is not a threat, please make sure you are safe. Then, use a calm, non-confrontational approach to de-escalate the situation. Explain why the behavior is innappropriate. If the behavior continues, you may ask the student to leave. If they do not, contact Campus Safety at (805) 493-3727. Whether the student calms down or leaves, report the incident to the CARE Team at care@callutheran.edu.


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