Response Protocol

Is the student a danger to themself, to others, or do they need immediate assistance for any other reason?


The student's conduct is clearly and imminently reckless, dangerous, and/or threatening and is suggestive of harm to self or others in the community.

  1. Call 911 or Campus Safety at (805) 493-3911.
  2. Follow up with an email to the CARE Team at


The student shows signs of distress; I'm not worried about their safety, but I am not sure how serious it is. The interaction has left me feeling uneassy or concerned about the student.

  1. Call Counseling and Psychological Services for consultation between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM at (805) 493-3727.
  2. Email the CARE Team at


I am not concerned about the student's imminent safety, but they have significant academic or personal concerns and could use additional support.

  1. Email the CARE Team at or connect the student with the appropriate referral on campus.

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