Setting Limits

Recognizing the signs or symptoms that may suggest the need for counseling involves focusing on the student. In referring a student to the Student Counseling Services center, it will also be important to be clear within yourself regarding the appropriate limits of your involvement with a particular student.

A referral is usually indicated in the following situations:

  1. A student presents a problem or requests information which is outside your range of knowledge. Students often present difficult problems, some of which can be complex even for professional counselors
  2. You feel that personality differences between you and the student will interfere with your helping the student
  3. You feel uncomfortable dealing with the issue or problem because of your personal relationship (he/she is a friend, neighbor, relative, etc.)
  4. A student is reluctant to discuss a problem with you
  5. You do not believe your counseling with the student has been effective
  6. You lack sufficient time to listen effectively to the student
  7. A student is becoming over-reliant or dependent upon you