Due to COVID-19 precautions all CAPS services are being provided remotely through teletherapy. Please call us at (805)493-3727 to get scheduled.

All services are free, confidential, solution-focused, and culturally affirming.

Students are eligible to receive up to 8 individual or relationship sessions each academic year.

Scope of Services

CAPS provides short-term therapy to help students with personal, emotional, mental, or
academic difficulties. Therapy at CAPS is not intended as long-term treatment for students with acute,
chronic, and/or serious emotional or psychological problems. The assistance CAPS provides to students challenged with serious, acute, and/or chronic psychopathology is limited to providing triage assistance
and referrals to off-campus providers. A non-inclusive list of examples that may lead to off-campus referrals for treatment include: eating disorders, psychotic disorders, history of perpetuating aggression or violence, or non-compliance with treatment.

Recording of sessions

Some CAPS therapists are currently in training and are under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. Pre-licensure therapists record their sessions, however this is never done until after you have consented in writing.

Counseling Privacy

CAPS takes the privacy of your personal information very seriously. We will protect your privacy as much as we are permitted to by law. For clarification on how and when CAPS may need to release information, please see our Counseling Privacy and Informed Consent form.