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The Alexander Twilight Legacy of Black Excellence

The Alexander Twilight Legacy of Black Excellence is named for the first African-American to earn a bachelor’s degree from an American university or college (Middlebury in 1823). The space came to fruition through the diligent efforts of the Black Student Union and Sisters’ Circle. Their advocacy led to a number of meaningful changes to improve the experience of students campus-wide with one of these changes being the addition of a new space in the Student Union.

This space is intended to be a safe and supportive place that fosters student development, inclusive programming and a sense of community and belonging. It is also home to BSU and Sisters' Circle leadership office hours, club gatherings, and events.

Construction is completed and we are currently waiting on furniture to arrive. 


Alexander Twilight space image #1

Immediate view upon walking into the space. 

Alexander Twilight image 2

View on left-hand side when standing at the entrance. 

Alexander Twilight image 3

View from opposite side of the space facing the entrance at the top left corner. 

Alexander Twilight image 4

View from opposite side of the entrance facing the left-hand side of the space. Entrance is on the right. 

Contact Information 

Nicole Gonzales, Assistant Director of Student Life 

Andrea Layne, Director of Student Life