Enriching the cultural experience for all students

Empowerment Retreat Series

Launched in fall 2019, the Empowerment Retreat Series are identity-based student retreats that focuses on sense of belonging, building community with fellow students, and empowering students through identity development. We recognize the intersectionality of identities and encourage students to attend any and all retreats that resonate with them. 

BIPOC Retreat Green background with a tree of many browns in the center.

Our BIPOC Retreat is for self-identitied Black, Indigenious, People of Color (BIPOC)*. The purpose of the retreat is for students to build community across ethnicity and race, explore their experiences as People of Color at Cal Lutheran and in society, and engage in dialogue surrounding empowerment and social action. The two day event will consist of activities and conversations centered around the empowerment of Cal Lutheran’s BIPOC students with an emphasis on uplifting aspects of their identities. Sign-ups are available now for the first 15 registrants: https://forms.gle/EWZK1wTLnXNNdQq5A 

Student learning outcomes:

  1. Students will engage in community building with other students, staff, and faculty to foster a greater sense of belonging on campus
  2. Students will be introduced to Yosso’s Community Cultural Wealth Model and be able to speak to their 7 capitals
  3. Students will understand the intersectionality of their identities
  4. Students will engage in self-advocacy and collective visioning through storytelling and sharing 


*BIPOC includes those who identify as Latinx, Black/African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, American Indian, Alaska Native and Multiracial/Mixed Race people.  


lgbtq+ retreat

LGBTQ+ Retreat

On January 27th and 28th join Student Life's Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion for our LGBTQ+ retreat! This two-day event with no overnight component is intended to build community among LGBTQ+ students and connect to the campus in thoughtful ways.

Sign-ups are available now for the first 15 registrants: Sign Up here!

Student learning outcomes:

    1. Students will relate to the experiences of one another as a result of their shared identity, create community, and foster a greater sense of belonging on campus.
    2. Students will have the opportunity to engage in community building to foster a greater sense of belonging on campus and build a community with others.
    3. Students will strengthen their postivie self expression and be able to articulate how their identity as an LGBTQ+ person empowers them.