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We have a large library of items available to borrow.

How to check out items
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  4. Please return checked out items within one week


Title # of Copies Genre Date Added
12 years a slave   African American  
21 Jump Street   Comedy  
3 Idiots   foreign- Indian 5/26/2017
42 The Jackie Robinson Story   African American 5/26/2017
500 Nations   American Indian  
A Better Life   Latinx 5/26/2017
A Day Without a Mexican   Immigration  
A Great Day in Harlem x2 Documentary  
A Jihad for Love   LGBT 5/26/2017
A Mighty Heart   Cross cultural  
A Soldier's Story x2 African-American  
A Time to Kill   African-American  
A Walk in the Clouds   Cross cultural  
Above the Rim   African-American  
African American Lives   African-American  
African American Lives 2   African-American  
After the Sunset   African-American  
Agronomist   African-American  
Akeelah and the Bee   African-American  
Alamo   American History  
Alex Haley's Queen   African American  
Ali   African-American  
Amandla!   International - South Africa  
Amazing Grace   American-British  
Amelie   International - French  
American Gangster   American biographical  
American History X   Cross-cultural  
American Me   Latino  
Amistad   African American History  
Amores Perros   Mexican  
AMREEKA   Immigration  
An Angel at My Table   Mental Health  
And the Earth Didn't Swallow Him   Latino  
Angels in America   Fantasy  
Annapolis   Cross-cultural  
Anne Frank   Jewish - historical  
Antwone Fisher   African-American  
Apocalypto   Latino  
Are We There yet?   African American  
Argo   General  
Australia    International - Australia  
Avatar   General  
Babel   Cross-cultural  
Babette's Feast   International - Denmark  
Bandidas   Latino  
Baraka   Cross Cultural  
Barbershop   African-American  
Barbershop 2   African-American  
Beauty Shop   African-American  
Because of You   Cross Cultural  
Becoming Jane   British-Irish historical  
Before Night Falls   Latino  
Behind the Red Door x2 General  
Beloved   African-American  
Bending It Like Beckham   International - Cross cultural  
Bent   LGBT  
Better Luck Tomorrow   Asian American  
Bird Cage   American comedy  
Black History "An historical overview"   African-American  
Black History "Civil right movement   African-American  
Black History "In the beginning"   African-American  
Black History "Sports and Science"   African-American  
Black History "The Arts"   African-American  
Black History "WWII, The beginning of change"   African-American  
Black in Latin America   African-American  
Bliss   International - Turkey  
Blood Diamond   International - Africa  
Blood in Blood out   Latino  
Blue Spring   Japanese American  
Born in East LA   Latino  
Bowling for Columbine   American culture  
Boycott   African-American -historical  
Boys Don't Cry   LGBT  
Breaking All the Rules   African American   
Bring It On   Cross-cultural  
Bring It On "All or nothing"   Cross-cultural  
Bringing Down the House x2 Cross-cultural  
Brokeback Mountain   LGBT  
Brother to Brother   African-American  
Brothers   Amercian Drama  
Brownsugar   African American  
Buffalo Soliders    African-American  
Bullet Proof Monk   Asian-American  
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee   American Indian - historical  
Butler (The)   African-American  
Camp Out   LGBT  
Capote   General  
Casablanca Calling   Moroccan  
Catch a Fire   African American  
Catfish in Black Bean Sauce   African American  
Charlie's Angels   General  
Charlotte Sometimes    Asian-American  
Chiefs   American Indian - historical  
Children of Heaven   International  
China Cry   Chinese - historical  
China's Lost Girls   Asian-American  
Closer to Home   International - Phillipines  
Coach Carter   African American  
Coach Carter   African American 5/26/2017
Collateral   Cross-cultural  
Coming to America   African American  
Crash   Cross-cultural  
Crazy Horse   American Indian - historical  
Crossing Delancey   Comedy/Romance  
Crying Ladies   Filipino  
Curse of the Golden Flower x2 Asian-American  
Daddy's Little Girls   African American  
Dance with Me   Cross-cultural  
Dance with Wolves x2 American Indian   
Dark Tale of Japan   Japanese  
Defiance   Jewish - historical  
Deliver us from EVA   African American  
Departures x2 Japanese  
Desperado   Latino  
Die Fremde   International  
Dirty Dancing   Latino  
Do the Right Thing   African American  
Double Happiness   Asian American  
DreamGirls   African-American  
DrumLine   African American  
Earth   General  
East L.A. King    Latino  
Eat Drink Man Woman x2 Taiwanese  
El Cantante   Latino  
Elizabeth x2 International - England  
Ellen Degeneres Here and Now   Comedy  
Ellen Degeneres The Begininng   Comedy  
Emmanliel's gift   Ability  
Enough   Women's issue  
Eve's Bayou   African-American  
Evita   International - Latin  
Eyes on the Prize   African-American-History  
Family Fundamentals   LGBT  
Farewell my Concubine   International - China  
Fences   African American 5/26/2017
Finding Forrester   Cross Cultural  
Fire    International - India - LGBT  
Fools Rush In   Cross-cultural  
For Colored Girls   African-American-Women  
Foxfire   Women's issue  
Freedom Writers   Cross-cultural  
Freedomland   International - South Africa  
French Film   British comedy  
Frida   International - Latin  
Friday After Next   African-American  
Friday Night Lights x2 Cross-cultural  
Fried Green Tomatoes   Cross-Cultural  
Fruitvale Station   Afican American   
Gabriela   Latino  
GANDHI   International history-India  
Get on the Bus   African-American  
Get Out   African American 5/26/2017
Get Rich or Die Tryin'   African American  
Ghosts of the Mississippi   African-American  
Girl Interrupted   Abilty  
Glory   African American - history  
Glory Road   Cross-cultural  
God Loves Uganda   LGBT 5/26/2017
Good Hair   African-American  
Goodbye America   general  
Goodbye, Lenin   Foreing- German 5/26/2017
Gran Torino   Cross-cultural  
Gridiron Gang   Sports drama  
Guess Who   Cross-cultural  
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner   Cross-cultural  
Hairspray   Cross-cultural  
Half Nelson   Cross Cultural  
Haunted from Within   General  
He Got Game    Cross-cultural  
Hero   Chinese  
Hidden Figuers   African American 5/26/2017
Higher Learning   Cross-cultural  
Hispanics and the Medal of Honor   Latino  
Hitch   Cross-cultural  
Honey   Hip Hop  
Honey for Oshun   International - Cuba  
Hoodlum   Cross-cultural  
Hotel Rwanda   International - Rwanda  
House of Sand and Fog   Drama  
House of the Flying Daggers   International - China  
How She Move   Hip Hop  
Howl's Moving Castle   Japanese 5/26/2017
Hurricane Season   Cross-cultural - history  
Hustle and Flow   Cross-cultural  
I am legend   African American  
I Am Not Your Negro    African American 5/26/2017
I am Sam   Ability  
I Like It Like That   Latino  
Ice Cube Next Friday   African American  
If These Walls Could Talk   Women's issue  
IMELDA   International - Phillipines  
In Between Days   Immigration  
In the Mix   Hip Hop  
In the Time of the Butterflies   Latino  
Innocent   LGBT  
Inside Man    General  
Into the West   Cross-cultural - history  
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge   African-American  
Invictus   International - South Africa  
IRobot   African American  
It is in the water   LGBT  
Itty Bitty Titty Committee   LGBT  
Jason's Lyric x2 African-American  
Jesus camp   Documentary  
John Q.   Social Justice  
Juan of the Dead   Cuban 5/26/2017
Jumping The Broom   African-American  
Jungle Fever   African-American  
King of the Jungle   drama  
Kingdom Come   African-American  
Kingdom of Heaven   Cross-cultural  
Kundun   Religion  
LA Bamba   Latino  
La Mission   Latino  
LA VIE EN ROSE   Foreign  
Lackawanna Blues   African-American  
Last Holiday   African-American  
Latin Dragon   History  
Latter Days    LGBT  
Legacy of Peace   African American  
Les Miserables   French history  
Letters from IWO JIMA   History  
License to Kill   African American  
Life is Beautiful   Jewish - historical  
Life of a King   AF AM  
Life Support   African Amercian  
Like Water for Chocolate   Latino  
Lilies of the Field   cross-cultural  
Lilo & Stitch   Hawaiian  
Lincoln   American History  
Lion   Cross Cultural 5/26/2017
Live from Baghdad   international  
Living the Life   Latino  
Longest Yard   Cross Cultural  
Lord Help Us   African America  
Lost and Delirious   LGBT  
Lost in Detention   immigration  
Love Actually   Cross Cultural  
Love and Basketball   African American  
Luther   Religion  
Machuca   Chilean 5/26/2017
Mad Money   African American  
Madea's Family Reunion   African-American  
Magnifico x2 Latino  
Maid in Manhattan   General  
Malcolm X   African-American  
Malibu's Most Wanted   General  
Man on Fire   General  
Man Push Cart   Middle Eastern-American  
Maria Full Of Grace   Immigration/Latino  
Mask   Ability  
Memories of a Geisha   Asian-American  
Menace II Society   African-american  
Michael Clayton   Ability  
Middle Sexes   Gender Issues  
Milk   LGBT  
Miracle at Sage Creek   Native American  
Miss Ever's Boys x2 African American  
Miss Jane Pittman x2 African-American  
Miss Representation   Women 5/26/2017
Monsoon Wedding   International -India  
Monster   LGBT  
Monster in Law   Cross Cultural  
Monster's Ball   Cross Cultural  
Moon Struck x3 Italian  
Moonlight   African American 5/26/2017
Mr.3000 x2 African American  
Mulan   Asian-American  
Munich x2 Jewish - historical  
My Big Fat Greek wedding   Cross Cultural(Greek)  
My Crazy Life   Latino  
My Family   Latino  
NewYork Noir: The History of Black New York   African-American  
NightJohn   African-American  
Noah's Arc x2 LGBT  
North Country Le Vent Du Nord   Women's issue  
Not One Less x2 Asian  
Notorious  x2 African-American  
Nowhere in Africa   International - Africa  
On Native Soil   American Documentary  
On the Downlow   Latino - LGBT  
One Night with the King   Jewish History  
One Upon A Time.. When We Were Colored   African-American -historical  
Orange is the New Black   General  
Osama   International - Middle eastern  
Outta Time   Latino  
Paris is Burning   LGBT  
Philadelphia   LGBT  
PK   Indian 5/26/2017
Poetic Justice   African-American  
Postino the Postman   Italian  
Pow Wow Highway   Native American  
Prayers for Bobby   LGBT 5/26/2017
Precious   African-American  
Price of Glory   Latino  
Pride x2 African American  
Pride   LGBT 5/26/2017
Pride & Prejudice   International - England  
Princess Mononoke   Japanese 5/26/2017
Proposal (The)   American  
Queen   Indian 5/26/2017
Queer as folk   LGBT  
Quinceanera   Latino  
Rabbit Proof Fence   International - Australia  
Rachel Getting Married   Cross-Cultural  
Radio   Ability  
Ray   African-American  
Real Women Have Curves x2 Latino  
Reign Over Me   Ability(grief)  
Religulous   Religion  
Remember the Titans   Cross Cultural  
Rent   LGBT  
Replacements (The)   American Football  
Riding Alone   International - Japan  
Riverdance Live from New York City x2 International - Irish  
Rogue One   Cross Cultural 5/26/2017
Roll Bounce   Hip Hop  
Romeo Must Die   Asian-American  
Roots   African-American  
Sarafina!   International - South Africa  
Save the Last Dance   Cross Cultural- Hip Hop  
Schindler's List    Jewish-American  
School Daze   African American  
Selena   Latino  
Shall We Dance? x2 Cross Cultural  
Shanghai Knights   Asian-American  
She's Gotta Have It   African American  
Side Ways   General  
Slumdog Millionaire   Indian  
Smoke Signals   American Indian  
Snow Falling on Cedars   Asian-American  
Something the Lord Made   African-American  
Soul Food x2 African-American  
Spanglish   Cross Cultural  
Spirited Away   Japanese 5/26/2017
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…And Spring.   International - Asian  
Stand and Deliver   Latino  
Steel Magnolias   AF AM  
Step Up x2 Hip Hop  
Stonewall   LGBT 5/26/2017
Sugar x2 Cross Cultural  
Take Out    Immigration  
Take the Lead   Hip Hop  
Taken   International  
Temptress Moon   Asian-American  
The 13th Warrior   Historic (Viking+Middle Eastern  
The Armenian Genocide   Armenian History  
The Best Man   African-American  
The Black List x2 Documentary  
The Blind Side   Cross Cultural  
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas   Jewish - historical  
The Chorus: Les Choristes   International-France  
The Class   International - France  
The Color Purple   African American  
The Debut   Asian-American  
The Departed   General  
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly   General  
The Exonerated   African American  
The Express   African American  
The Fighting Temptation x2 African American  
The Five Heart Beats   African American  
The Grand Budapest Hotel   International - Hungary  
The Great Debaters   African-American  
The Help   African-American  
The Hurricane   African - American  
The Hurt Locker   War - middle east  
The Incredibles   Comedy  
The Josephine Baker Story   African-American  
The Journey   Hungarian Histroy  
The Joy Luck Club   Asian-American  
The KarateKid   African American/International/China  
The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine   Historical(Cambodian)  
The Kite Runner   Middle Easter-American  
The Laramia Project   LGBT  
The Last King of Scotland   British Drama  
The Last of His Tribe   American Indian  
The Mask You Live In   Cross Cultural 5/26/2017
The Mormon Proposition    American documentary  
The Motorcycle Diaries   Latino  
The New World   American Indian  
The Normal Heart   LGBTQ 5/26/2017
The Original Latin Kings of Comedy    Latino  
The Painist   Jewish - historical  
The Perfect Holiday   African American  
The Princess and the Frog   African American  
The Pursuit of Happyness   African-American  
The Queen x2 British   
The Reader   German-American  
The Red Violin   muliticultural  
The Rosa Parks Story   African-American  
The Secret Life of Bees   Cross Cultural  
The Shawshank Redemption   Cross Cultural  
The Social Network   general  
The Story of the Underground Railroad   African American  
The Temptations   African-American  
The Trail of Tears   American Indian - historical  
The Tuskegee Airmen   African-American  
The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till   African-American  
The Visitor    Immigration  
The Wedding Planner   Cross-cultural  
The Wiz   African American  
The Wood   African American  
This Christmas   Class issues  
This is it   African american  
Tipping the Velvet   LGBT  
To Live   International -China  
To Sir, with Love   Cross Cultural  
Together   International  
Tortilla Soup   Latino  
Touch of Pink   LGBT  
Tourist (The)   International  
Traffic   Cross Cultural  
Training Day   Cross Cultural  
Traitor   International - Middle eastern  
Transgeneration   Documentary  
Tropic Thunder   Cross-cultural  
Two Can Play that Game   African American  
Under the Same Moon   Latinx 5/26/2017
Valkyrie   World War II  
Vera Drake   International - England  
Volver   Latin  
Waiting for Superman    Documentary-education  
Walkout   Latino  
Wedding Banquet   International - LGBT  
West Side Story   American, Romance  
What's Cooking?   Cross Cultural  
When the Levees Broke   Class issues  
When We Were Kings   African American -history  
Whip It   LGBT  
Why Did I get Married too?   African-American  
WindTalkers   Native American  
Woman thou art Loosed   African American  
Xmen: The Last Stand   British-American  
Yellow   Puerto Rican  
Yentl   Jewish  
You Got served   African American  
Zoot Suit   Hispanic  
Title Artist Genre
Black History Concert Cal Lutheran Show 2012 African-American
MLK Chapel Service Cal Lutheran 2011 African-American
More Still William Grant Still African-American
Piano Music William Grant Still African-American
Piano Music William Grant Still(casset) African-American
Witness Volume II William Grant Still African-American
Works for Sympathetic Band William Grant Still African-American
Mo Vida! Putumayo Afro-Cuban
New World Party Putumayo Afro-Cuban
Chinese New Year DvD Cal Lutheran 2012 Asian-American
Satori Kyokusen Asian-American
Hula Girl Dance Cal Lutheran Show 2003 Hawaiian
Luau Dance Part Favorites Hawaiian
Amaze Me Key of Peace International
Blues Around the World Putumayo International
East Africa Ceremonial and Folk Music International
Instant Karma: Save Darfur Amnesty International International
Islands   International
Its Snowing All Over the World World Market International
Protest Songs of Resistance International
Dia de los Muertos   Latino-American
Live! Gay Mans Chorus of Los Angeles LGBT
Red White and Blues Gay Mans Chorus of Los Angeles LGBT
Simply Sondheim Gay Mans Chorus of Los Angeles LGBT
Songs of Love Gay Mans Chorus of Los Angeles LGBT
Two Decades…Together Gay Mans Chorus of Los Angeles LGBT
With a Mighty Voice Gay Mans Chorus of Los Angeles LGBT
Chinese New Year+Gospel Choir Photos Cal Lutheran Miscellaneous
Couselors Just Want to Have Fun   Miscellaneous
FireKnife Drums   Miscellaneous
Hands Pat Humphries Miscellaneous
Multicultural Banquet Disc 1   Miscellaneous
One Emma's Revolution Miscellaneous
Peace Pole Stills Miscellaneous
Roots, Rock, and Revolution Emma's Revolution Miscellaneous
Song of New Orlean Jazz Band Pt 2 Miscellaneous
Songs of Jerry Herman Jerry Herman Miscellaneous
Sacred Nations Michael Jacobs Native American
They Come Dancing Michael Jacobs Native American
Voices Various Native American
Brand New Bag! Lenahan Scottish
A Night In Spain The Music of Spain Spanish
Mediterranea Benise Spanish
Carnival Benise Spanish
Spanish Nights Benise Spanish
Lift Every Voice    
Title Author Genre
A Concise History of Bulgaria Crampton, R.J. International
A History of Hungary Sugar, Peter International
A History of Scandinavia Derry, T.K. International
A Lost Lady Cather, Willa misc
A Mercy Morrison, Toni African-American
Across the Pacific: Asian Americans and Globalization Hudehart Asian-American
Africa: A Biography of the Continent Reader, John International
African Designs of the Guinea Coast Caraway African-American
African-American Facts Williamson African-American
Afro-American History: Primary Sources Frazier African-American
Afro-American Literature: Drama Adams African-American
Alburquerque Anaya, Rudolfo Latino
All the Saints of the City of the Angels Walker LA AM
Almost a Woman Santiago, Esmeralda Latino
Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned Mosley African-American
Always Running Rodriguez, Luis J. Latino
American Indian Leaders Edmunds, R. David ed. Native American
American Skin Don de Grazia Latino
American Slavery, 1619- 1877 Kolchin African-American
American Ways: A Guide for Foreigners in the US   International
Americanos: Latin Life in the United States Olmos, Edward James Latino
An Actor and a Gentleman Gossett AF AM
And This Too Shall Pass: A Novel Harris African-American
Anger, and Beyond: The Negro Writer in the United Hill African-American
Another Country Baldwin African-American
Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an Am Zia, Helen Asian-American
Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an Am Zia, Helen Asian-American
Asian Americans Lee, Joann Asian-American
Autobiography of Malcom X Haley AF AM
Aztec Jennings, Gary Latino
Bad Boy Brawly Brown Mosley African-American
Baltasar and Blimunda Saramago, Jose Latino
Becoming Dr. Q Hinojosa LA AM
Beginner's Vietnamese Quinn, Robert M. International
Begrimed and Black: Christian Traditions on Blacks Hood African-American
Beloved: A Novel Morrison, Toni African-American
Beloved: A Novel c. 2 Morrison, Toni African-American
Best Short Stories by Negro Writer: An Anthology Hughes African-American
Big Girls Don't Cry Briscoe African-American
Black American Literature: Poetry Turner African-American
Black Drama: An Anthology Brasmer African-American
Black Genius: African American Solutions to African Am Mosley African-American
Black Heroes of the American Revolution Davis African-American
Black Man and the Promise of America Austin African-American
Black Voices: An Anthology of Afro-American Literature Chapman African-American
Bless Me, Ultima Anaya, Rudolfo Latino
Bless Me, Ultima c. 2 Anaya, Rudolfo Latino
Blindness Saramago, Jose Latino
Blues Dancing: A Novel McKinney African-American
Blues for Mister Charlie: A Play Baldwin African-American
Bluest Eye Morrison, Toni African-American
Book of African Names Asante African-American
Book of Daniel Doctorow, E. L. African-American
Bound Feet & Western Dress Chang Asian-American
Brothers and Sisters Campbell African-American
Brother's Keeper: Words of Inspiration for African-Am Terry African-American
Brown: The Last Discovery of America Rodriguez, Richard Latino
Burn, Baby, Burn!: The Los Angeles Race Riot, Aug Cohen African-American
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Brown, Dee Native American
By the Light of My Father's Smile: A Novel Walker African-American
Cantico: A Selection Guillen, Jorge Latino
Caramelo Cisneros, Sandra Latino
Cay Taylor African-American
Change is Gonna Come: Music, Race & The Soul of Ame Werner African-American
Cheaters Dickey African-American
China Boy Lee, Gus Asian-American
Civil Rights Marches George African-American
Climbing Jacob's Ladder: The enduring Legacy of Afric Billingsley African-American
Cloud Mountain Liu, Aimee E. Asian-American
Collected Essays Baldwin African-American
Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White McBride African-American
Color Purple Walker African-American
Concubine's Children Chong African-American
Crawfish Dreams Rawles African-American
Croatia: A Nation Forged in War Tanner, Marcus International
Crow Dog: Four Generations of Sioux Medicine Men CrowDog, Leonard Native American
Culture Shock! Germany Lord, Richard International
Culture Shock! Singapore Craig, JoAnn Asian-American
Custer's Fall: The Native American Side of the Story Miller, David Humphrey Native American
Dancing in the Wings Nelson AF AM
Dangling Man Bellow, Saul Jewish Studies
Darfur Diaries: Stories of Survival Marlowe, Jen International
Deep in Our Hearts: Nine White Women in the Freedo Curry African-American
Diary of a Lost Girl: The Autobiography of Kola Boof   African-American
Dirty Laundry: A Charlotte Justice Novel Woods African-American
Diversity in Higher Education: A Work in Progress Musil, Caryn McTighe misc
Divided By Faith Smith JW AM
Documentary History of the Negro People in the Unite Aptheker African-American
Documentary History of the Negro People in the Unite Aptheker African-American
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands Amado, Jorge Latino
Dreamer Johnson AF AM
Eight Men Wright African-American
Eritrea: A Tourist Guide Papstein, Robert International
Everything You Need to Know About Asian American Cao Asian-American
Everything You Need to Know About Latino History Novas, Himilce Latino
Everything You Need to Know About Latino History Novas LA AM
Exodus Uris, Leon Jewish Studies
Face of an Angel Chavez, Denise Latino
Factory Girls Chang, Leslie T. Asian-American
Falling Leaves Mah, Adeline Yen Asian-American
Family: A Novel Cooper African-American
Famous All Over Town Santiago, Danny Latino
Fatal Rumour: A Nineteenth-Century Indian Novel Aiyar Asian-American
Fear Not the Fall Young African-American
Fearless Jones Mosley African-American
Federico Garcia Lorca: A Life Gibson, Ian Latino
Fifty Years Inside the People's Republic of China Yang, Essa Asian-American
First Indian on the Moon Alexie, Sherman Native American
Five Families Lewis, Oscar Latino
Flesh and the Devil: A Novel   African-American
Freedom's Daughters Olson, Lynne African-American
French Ways and Their Meaning Wharton, Edith International
Friends and Lovers Dickey African-American
From A Black Perspective: Contemporary Black Essays Hughes African-American
From Out of the Shadows: Mexican Women in Twent Ruiz, Vicki L. Latino
Gather Together in My Name Angelou, Maya African-American
Geographics of Home Perez, Loida Maritza Latino
Geronimo: An American Legend Conley, Robert Native American
Giovanni's Room Baldwin African-American
Glimmer Train Stories Brook, Kim et. Al African-American
God is Red Deloria, Vine misc
Going Global: Country Career Guide Thompson, Mary Anne misc
Going to Meet the Man Baldwin African-American
Gone Fishin': An Easy Rawlins Novel Mosley African-American
Goodbye to Uncle Tom Furnas African-American
Gringos Portis, Charles Latino
Growing Up Chicana/o Lopez, Tiffany Ana Latino
Growing Up Jewish in America Frommer, M.K. & Frommer, H. Jewish Studies
Hand I Fan With Ansa Asian-American
Harlem Renaissance Huggins African-American
Hearts and Soul Nelson AF AM
Henry's Freedom Box Nelson AF AM
Higher Superstition Gross MISC
Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and th Goldhagen Jewish Studies
How Stella Got Her Groove Back McMillan African-American
How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents Alvarez, Julia Latino
How to Explain Judaism to Your Non-Jewish Neighbor Zirin, Edward Jewish Studies
Humboldt's Gift Bellow, Saul Jewish Studies
Hunger of Memory Rodriguez, Richard Latino
Hunger: A Novella and Stories Chang Asian-American
I am Malala Yousafazai INTL
I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It Barkely African-American
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Green, Hannah Jewish Studies
In Her Footsteps: 101 Remarkable Black Women from Madden African-American
In Love & Trouble: Stories of Black Women Walker African-American
In My Father's House Gaines African-American
In Nueva York Mohr, Nicholasa Latino
In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens: Womanist Prose Walker African-American
In the Garden of Our Dreams: Memoirs of a Marriage Haizlip African-American
In the Time of the Butterflies Alvarez, Julia Latino
Indian Killer Alexie, Sherman Native American
Indonesia 1996: an Official Guidebook   Asian-American
Inner City Blues Woods African-American
Intensive Course in Tongan Shumway, Eric International
Interpreter of Maladies Lahiri, Jhumpa Asian-American
Int'l Jobs Directory Krannich, Ron & Caryl International
Iran Awakening Ebadi, Shirin International
Itch: A Novel Little African-American
Jazz Morrison, Toni African-American
Jazz Morrison AF AM
Journey into China National Geographic Asian-American
Journey of the Sparrows Buss, Fran Leeper Latino
Known World Jones African-American
Lakota Woman CrowDog, Mary Native American
Latino in America O'Brien, Soledad Latino
Latinos: A Biography of the People Shorris, Earl Latino
Leaving Deep Water: The Live of Asian American Wom Chow Asian-American
Legends of the Samurai Sato, Hiroaki Asian-American
Leopard in the Sun Restrepo, Laura Latino
Life in a Day of Black L.A.: The Way We See It Charles African-American
Life of Pi Martel, Yann misc
Like Water for Chocolate Esquivel, Laura Latino
Lilies of the Field Barrett African-American
Little Yellow Dog: An Easy Rawlins Mystery Mosley African-American
Long Dream Wright African-American
Long Struggle of Eritrea for Independence and Constru   International
Long Train to the Redeeming sin: Stories about African Boof African-American
Long Way from Home Briscoe African-American
Love in the Time of Cholera Marquez, Gabriel Garcia Latino
Love in the Time of Cholera c. 2 Marquez, Gabriel Garcia Latino
Making It Happen Amato, Patricia A. Richard misc
Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements Breitman African-American
Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements Breitman African-American
Mama Flora's Family: A Novel Haley African-American
Man Who Cried I Am: A Novel Williamson African-American
Mandela: From the Life of the South African Statesma Cooper, Floyd African-American
Mandela: The Authorized Biography Sampson African-American
May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons: A Journey Bumiller Asian-American
Mexican Churches Porter, Eliot Latino
Mexico McDowell, Jack ed. Latino
Mexico in Its Novel: A Nation's Search for Identity Brushwood, John S. Latino
Michael Eric Dyson Reader Dyson African-American
Mighty Be Your Powers Gbowee AF AM
Mississippi Burning: A Novel Norst African-American
Monkey King Chao Asian-American
Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member Shabur, Sanyika misc
Moon Fire Robbins, Judith Redman Latino
Muhammad Ali: A Portrait in Words and Photographs Sheed African-American
Muy Macho: Latino Men Confront Their Manhood- Gonzalez, Ray, ed. Latino
My Indian Boyhood Standing Bear Native American
My Jim: A Novel Rawles African-American
My Life Meir, Golda Jewish Studies
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, An American Douglas African-American
National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fe   misc
Negro American: A Documentary History Fishel African-American
Negro Church in America Frazier African-American
Negro in the South Since 1865: Selected Essays in Ame Wynes African-American
New Plays from the Black Theatre: An Anthology Bullins African-American
Night Wiesel Jewish Studies
Night Wiesel JW AM
Night of Many Dreams Tsukiyama, Gail Asian-American
Night of My Blood Awoonor African-American
Nobody Knows My Name: More Notes of a Native Son Baldwin African-American
North American Indian Women Sommer, Robin Langley Native American
Norton Anthology of African American Literature Gates African-American
Not Without Laughter Hughes African-American
Notes of a Native Son Baldwin African-American
Of Love and other Demons Marquez, Gabriel Garcia Latino
On Gold Mountain See, Lisa Asian-American
On Trial for my Country Samkange African-American
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up: 40 Days and 40 Night Vanzant African-American
One Hundred Years of Solitude Marquez, Gabriel Garcia Latino
One Stick Song Alexie, Sherman Native American
Origami in Action Lang, Robert J. Asian-American
Panther & the Lash: Poems of Our Times Hughes African-American
Papua New Guinea Fox, Mary International
Paradise of the Blind Huong Asian-American
Parrot in the Oven: Mi Vida Martinez, Victor Latino
Passage to India Forster Asian-American
Picasso Joffe, Hans International
Pick a Party: The Big Book of Party Themes and Occasio Sachs, Patty misc
Plays from Black Africa Litto African-American
Pocho Villareal, Jose Antonio Latino
Powhatan's Daughter Bowman, John Clarke Native American
Profiles of Great African Americans Branham African-American
Ragtime Doctorow, E. L. Jewish Studies
Raisin in the Sun: The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window Hansberry African-American
Raising Raul Hinojosa, Maria Latino
Reading Lolita in Tehran Nafisi, Azar International
Red Death Mosley African-American
Red Earth and Pouring Rain: A Novel Chandra Asian-American
Redemption Song: A Novel Berry African-American
Reference Library of Black America Vol I - V   African-American
Reggie Jackson African-American
Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Wicker African-American
Reservation Blues Alexie, Sherman Native American
Rhythm of Violence Nkosi African-American
Richard Wright's Native Son: A Critical Handbook Wright African-American
Rising Voices: Writings of Young Native Americans Hirschfelder, Arlene B. Native American
Roots Haley African-American
Rosa Parks Mara, Wil African-American
Russia: People and Empire Hosking, Geoffrey International
Sacred Willow: Four Generations in the Life of a Vietna Elliott African-American
Savage Holiday Wright African-American
Shattering the Myth: Plays by Hispanic Women Flyder, Linda, ed. Latino
Single Man Screaming: A Novel Bryant African-American
Sister, Sister Dickey African-American
Sisters & Lovers Briscoe African-American
Slaves in The Family Ball, Edward African-American
Slaves in the Family Ball AF AM
Slumdog Millionaire   Asian-American
Slumdog Millionaire Beaufoy INTL
Small-Town Browny Silva, Simon Latino
Snow Falling on Cedars Guterson Asian-American
Snow Falling on Cedars c. 2 Guterson Asian-American
So Far from God Chavez, Denise Latino
Some Soul to Keep Cooper African-American
Song of Solomon Morrison, Toni African-American
Soul on Ice Cleaver African-American
Souls of Black Folk DuBois African-American
Spanish-American Literature Franco, Jean Latino
Sri Lanka in Pictures Lerner Publications Asian-American
Still Life with Rice Lee, Helie Asian-American
Stone Into Schools Mortenson INTL
Stormy Weather Woods African-American
Students Helping Students Ender, Steven misc
Sula Morrison, Toni African-American
Summer of My German Soldier Greene, Bette Jewish Studies
Sweden Rietz, Magnus ed. International
Sweeter the Juice Haizlip African-American
Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why Entine African-American
Taliban Rashid, Ahmed International
Tar Baby Morrison, Toni African-American
Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone Baldwin African-American
The Adventures of Augie March Bellow, Saul Jewish Studies
The Angel of Galilea Restrepo, Laura Latino
The Art of Crossing Cultures Storti, Craig International
The Autobiography of Malcom X Haley, Alex African-American
The Blindfold's Eyes: My Journey from Torture to Truth Ortiz, Dianna International
The Book of Daniel Doctorow, E. L. Jewish Studies
The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child Jimenez, Francisco Latino
The Club Dumas Perez-Reverte, Arturo Latino
The Day Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Shot Haskins, Jim African-American
The Education of Little Tree Carter, Forrest Native American
The Flower Master Masseys, Sujata Asian-American
The General in His Labyrinth Marquez, Gabriel Garcia Latino
The General in His Labyrinth c. 2 Marquez, Gabriel Garcia Latino
The Haj Uris, Leon Jewish Studies
The History of the Siege of Lisbon Saramago, Jose Latino
The House of Mango Street Cisneros, Sandra Latino
The Hundred Secret Senses Tan, Amy Asian-American
The Interior Stowe, Harriet Beecher African-American
The Joy Luck Club Tan, Amy Asian-American
The Kitchen God's Wife Tan, Amy Asian-American
The Language of Threads Tsukiyama, Gail Asian-American
The Last of the Mohicans Cooper, James Fenimore Native American
The Life of a Geisha Underwood, Eleanor Asian-American
The Lone Ranger and Tonto First Fight in Heaven Alexie, Sherman Native American
The Maya: 5th Edition Coe, Michael D. Latino
The Mentor's Guide Zachary, Lois J. International
The Mixquiahuala Letters Castillo, Ana Latino
The Namesake Lahiri, Jhumpa Asian-American
The Pact Davis, S. et al. Latino
The Pact Davis AF AM
The Rise of Barack Obama Souza AF AM
The Rise of David Levinsky Cahan, Abraham Jewish Studies
The Samurai's Garden Tsukiyama, Gail Asian-American
The Selected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca Lorca, Francisco Garcia, ed. Latino
The Shame of the Nation Kozol, Jonathan International
The Shipping News Proulx, E. Annie International
The Sign of the Beaver Spear, Elizabeth George Native American
The Storytelling Stone: Trad Native Am. Myths Feldman, Susan ed. Native American
The Swallow of Kabal Khadra, Yasmina International
The Swallows of Kabul Khadra INTL
The Tale of Genji Shikibu, Murasaki International
The Things They Carried O'Brien INTL
The Timetable of African-American History Harley, Sharon African-American
The Toughest Indian in the World Alexie, Sherman Native American
The Tree Where Man Was Born Matthiessen, Peter International
The Two Koreas Oberdorfer, Don Asian-American
The Underdogs Azuela, Mariano Latino
The Woman Warrior Kingston, Maxine Hong International
The Years with Laura Diaz Fuentes, Carlos Latino
Their Eyes Were Watching God Hurston African-American
They Had A Dream: True Stories about Blacks in Americ Broudy African-American
Three Negro Classics: Up From Slavery Franklin African-American
Three Short Plays Soynika African-American
To Be Young, Gifted, and Black: Lorraine Hansberry in Hansberry African-American
To Bury Our Fathers: A Novel of Nicaragua Ramirez, Sergio Latino
To Jerulsalem and Back Bellow, Saul Jewish Studies
Tropical American Jen, Gish Asian-American
Tumbling McKinney African-American
Ugly Ways Ansa African-American
Unaccustomed Earth Lahiri, Jhumpa Asian-American
Unaccustomed Earth Lahiri INTL
Uncle Tom's Cabin Stowe, Harriet Beecher African-American
Uncle Tom's Children Wright African-American
Viewpoints from Black America Curry African-American
Voices of the Dream: African-American Women Speak Johnson African-American
Waiting Jin, Ha Asian-American
Waiting in Vain Channer African-American
Waiting to Exhale McMillan African-American
Wake of the Wind Cooper African-American
Was not a Street Ellington AF AM
We Shall Overcome Boyd African-American
Wedding West African-American
What Every American Should Know About the Rest of Rossi, M.L. International
When The Legends Die Borland, Hal Native American
White Butterfly Mosley African-American
Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man? Barkley African-American
Wild Indonesia Whitten, Tony and Jane International
With The Ears of Strangers: The Mexican in Am Lit Robinson, Cecil Latino
Woman Hollering Creek, and Other Stories Cisneros, Sandra Latino
Women in India and Pakistan: The Struggle for Indep Visram, Rozina International
Women of the Silk Tsukiyama, Gail Asian-American
Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now Angelou, Maya African-American
Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now Angelou, Maya African-American
Wouldn't Take Nothing for my Journey Now Angelou AF AM
Yell-Oh Girls! Nam, Vickie ed. Asian-American
Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White Wu, Frank H. Asian-American
Yo! Alvarez, Julia Latino
Your Chinese Horoscope Somerville, Neil Asian-American
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