Enriching the cultural experience for all students

Program Philosophy

What is Cultural Engagement and Inclusion?

Cultural Engagement 

Introduce students to cultures and traditions that they are unfamiliar with in a way that honors and celebrates our students from historically underserved and marginalized backgrounds. Seeks to ensure that members of our student community see themselves represented in the programs and events we host. 


Recognizes that all members of our community bring a unique voice and experience to Cal Lutheran. Challenges institutional practices and policies to ensure underserved and marginalized members of our community are centered and welcome. 

Our Focus Areas

The Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion currently encorporate three guiding areas of focus in planning and implementing programs, events, and workshops for the Cal Lutheran community. 

1. Social Justice Education & Resources

Programming and events that seek to center underserved and/or marginalized identities and/or issues these groups experience. We do this through discussions, guest speakers, film screenings, workshops, and social events. 

Commitment to fostering discourse designed to effect positive change by challenging injustice such as social inequities, bias, prejudice, classism, racism, transphobia, xenophobia and other forms of oppression. We do this by offering educational and leadership opportunities to help students create this positive change in their own communities and beyond.

2. Cultivate Community & Belonging

Programming and events that help students, staff, and faculty learn from one another and create community across identities and culture. 

Finding support through connections with Center staff and helping students access campus resources so that they not only survive, but thrive.

3. Celebration & Recognition

Programming and events that honor, celebrate, and uplift the various cultures and identities of our community.  Opportunities that allow us to recognize the work and accomplishments of our students, staff, and faculty. 

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