Course Approval

To ensure classes taken abroad will transfer back to Cal Lutheran, participants must complete the Study Away Course Approval Form before starting their program. This is a Dynamic Form and will be completed online. 

Reminder: You
must be enrolled full time while abroad (a minimum of 12 units). 

Not all courses will be approved, or course offerings may change once you arrive in-country. Therefore, we recommend that you aim to receive course approval for seven courses. It is mandatory to have at least four courses approved before departure. 

All courses that you intend to satisfy major, minor or Core-21 requirements must be approved by the DEPARTMENT CHAIR of the course. Courses are not approved until the department chair has signed off on the course and submitted the form.

  • Ex. If you are a biology major, but plan to take a Spanish class to satisfy your Core-21 requirement, you must receive approval from the Cal Lutheran Spanish Department chair.  

Courses satisfying elective requirements DO NOT require department chair approval. 

Before you begin the Study Away Course Approval form, please:

  • Identify which courses you plan to take abroad (at minimum four; we recommend at least seven). 
  • Identify what requirements those courses will satisfy. 
  • Collect the syllabus or course description for all courses. 
  • Note how many units the course will provide.
    • Some units will be converted to U.S. standards (i.e. 3-4 units), and others will use the host university standard (i.e. 15 units per course). Please list the amount of units exactly as you see them. 
    • The Cal Lutheran Registrar’s office will convert the units post program, once the transcript is received. 
Study Away Course Approval Form Instructions for Students
Study Away Course Approval Form Instructions for Department Chairs

Thank you for completing the Form for the study abroad participants. We have listed some brief instructions to help with this process. Please contact for additional questions.