Next Steps

After you've been accepted to a study away program, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Research and apply for scholarships.
  2. Apply for a passport and visa, if necessary.
  3. Complete all required forms from your program/host institution and the Office of Education Abroad.
  4. Register your trip. 
  5. Register with STEP
  6. Create a communications plan with your family and set expectations.
    - How often do you plan to communicate and how? Whatsapp is a great app for international messaging/video calls. Consider the time difference and frequency of check-ins.
    - Create an emergency communication plan. Should something on the ground happen, which individual will you contact back home? Ready is a good website with information on developing a plan Whoever you designate should be the same individual you enter on your emergency contact list with the Office of Education Abroad.

  7. Consider purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance can cover situations such as trip delay/cancellation, lost or stolen property, emergency medical coverage and more. While California Luthern University does provide supplemental emergency medical coverage through EIIA International Travel Program, travel insurance is NOT  provided and is strongly recommended.
  8. Attend all required pre-departure events. 
  9. Complete your course approval form and upload all corresponding documents to your Via-TRM account.