Graduation Ceremony

A guide for students who want to participate in the ceremony.

Each May, Cal Lutheran holds a graduation ceremony for those students who have completed their academic program or are one class away from graduation.

Graduation is fun! Flowers! Stoles! Caps and gowns! And hoods! It is a time for celebrating with friends and family as you finish this important step in your life.

When is the ceremony?

The ceremony for graduate students is on a Friday evening before the second weekend in May.

The ceremony for undergraduate students is on a Saturday morning during the second weekend of May.

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During the ceremony

Plan to sit with your friends during the ceremony. Your family will watch you march into the stadium and hear your name when it is announced from the grand stage.

Getting your degree

You don't actually get your diploma at the ceremony; it is mailed to you about 12 weeks after the semester/term ends. You are given a little note that says 'Congratulations!' when you walking up to the stage. 

Friends and family

Your family and friends are welcome to attend the ceremony. If they need visitors' visas, come see us before they apply so we can write supportive letters. 

About American graduation

American graduation ceremonies are held throughout the United States when people finish major milestones in their academic careers. Most states have ceremonies for students who finish eighth grade, high school, college, and higher degrees. The clothing is slightly different at each level.


A black gown and hood are worn at Cal Lutheran graduations. This apparel has its roots in European history, going back to medieval times.


The cap, or mortar board, is black. All students wear this cap which also comes with a tassel that has a pin denoting the year of graduation.