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Chinese Culture Club

To help the members' development and understanding of Chinese culture, especially Chinese traditional culture. Also to create a platform for all students who are interested in learning Mandarin and Cantonese to practice with the members who speak the languages.

United Students of the World

A club specifically for international students and students who are internationally-minded.

Many students who study abroad come back join this group to continue learning about other cultures.

Joining this group is a great way to meet other students.

Saudi Student Club

Formed by students from Saudi Arabia, but open to all students. The mission of this club is to introduce the history and culture of Saudi Arabia to faculty and students on the campus. The club's objective is to consolidate and strengthen social relations among Saudi students during their stay in U.S.

Club India ( formerly Indian Student Club)

An organization with a vision of promoting and encouraging a better culture and historical understanding and thus increasing awareness among the Indian students and other communities.

Be an International Peer Mentor

As a student International Peer Mentor, you'll help new international students adjust to their new surroundings at Cal Lutheran.

You'll be a resource for them, answering questions they have about life in the U.S and at Cal Lutheran.

Applications will be accepted from Feb/01/2016 through Mar/01/2016.


Peer mentor training and schedule