Before You Leave

Here's what you need to do before arriving at campus.

Prepare your travel documents

Make sure all your travel documents and forms are completed and in order before leaving.

Learn About Travel Documents

Apply for housing

If you choose to live on campus, you will need to apply for housing. You will receive information about your housing directly from Residence Life.

Fill out the application early to help get your first choice of housing.

Apply for Housing

Tell us your arrival date

Let us know when you are arriving so that we're ready to help you.

Send Arrival Information

Make a Shuttle reservation 

Make shuttle reservation to get you to campus or to any other address in the area.

Roadrunner shuttle: and Super Shuttle: 

Please note that our offices close at 5:00pm. If your plane is delayed, or you go through secondary, or traffic is bad, you may not reach our campus by 5pm. Please have a contingency plan in case you can't make it to campus. Here is a list of area hotels: 


When you arrive in the U.S.

All airports are different. Follow the signs to customs. Show them your passport and your I-20. You may have to show them your luggage at this time. Sometimes Border Officials will ask to se your luggage after you've shown your passport and I-20. Remember to be patient and polite. 

Once you are though Customs, go to the green sign that says Long Distance Vans. Roadrunner Shuttle and Super Shuttle come to campus frequently. Let the driver know that you have a reservation and are going to the California Lutheran University campus in Thousand Oaks or to another address. if you're coming to campus, ask to be dropped off in the main parking lot on the south side of Olsen Road, by the Welcome Center/ Campus Security.