Settling In

These are basic tips that will answer some of your initial questions.

If you need more information, contact us. We're here to help!


You will be assigned a Cal Lutheran email address (

Check your Cal Lutheran email every day

All official email communication from the University will only be sent you to your Callutheran email address.

This is not only a university policy, but a federal privacy law

We will not send email to a personal email address.

Always write to us from your Cal Lutheran email address

This helps us keep all your information organized — allowing us to serve you better. And many non-callutheran emails end up as spam or junk email that won't be received.

Always use the name on your passport

When you write to us, always use the name on your passport. Since this is also the name on your student file, it will ensure all of your information stays together.


Mailboxes are located outside of the Mail Center (view on campus map).

Visit the Mail Center to ask for a mailbox. They will give you a mailbox number.

Tell them that you are an international student. Ask them to show you how to operate your mailbox.

Your address if you reside on campus is

101 Memorial Parkway, Mailbox #____
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Meal plans

If you wish to change your meal plan, you must contact Residence Life.

Room assignments

If you want to change your room assignment, visit with your R.A. Tell them the reason you want a new room.

Keep in mind that it is difficult to change your hall or room assignment, especially in the fall semester.


If you don't have a car, it is helpful to make friends with someone on campus who has a car!

Also, for short trips, many students use Uber or Lyft.  If you are over age 21, you could rent a car relatively inexpensively.

Around Thousand Oaks

The City of Thousand Oaks provides public buses that can get you anywhere around Thousand Oaks, although it may take a while. The buses are free for Cal Lutheran students with student ID.  

Bus stops are located at either end of campus on Olsen Road. Bus routes and schedules

It takes about 25 minutes to get to the Thousand Oaks Mall. From there, you can transfer to buses that will take you to the neighboring cities of Newbury Park and Simi Valley.  

Taxis, Uber, and Lyft can take you anywhere, but cost more money. Be sure to ask for a quote before you get into a taxi.

To Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco

The train which leaves from Moorpark or Simi Valley will take you directly to Los Angeles.

Another train will take you further on into San Diego.

Flights to either San Francisco or San Diego are occasionally available for very low prices.

To the airport

We suggest calling a shuttle to pick you up.

Order a shuttle well in advance of your flight. Tell them that you are a Cal Lutheran student.

Prime Time Shuttle

(800) 733-8267 

Driver's License

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues driver's licenses and car registrations. The process is completed in person at the local DMV office located at 1810 E. Avenida de los Arboles, Thousand Oaks.  Because of walk-in long wait times, it is best to make a DMV appointment 

Applying for a license

  • If you apply for a license, the process can take up to six months.
  • A "Behind the Wheel Drive Test" may be required if you do not already have a driver's licence.  There are private driving schools in Thousand Oaks that will provide driving instructions for a fee.  The DMV provides guidelines for selecting a driving school.
  • California requires driver's to take a written test that covers driving rules. You must read the online handbook before taking the driver's test. The DMV also provides practice tests.
  • In order to get your driver's license, you must pass the written test and perhaps the Behind the Wheel Drive Test.
  • It is required that you bring all your travel documents with you to obtain a license.
  • You will also need a letter from our office to verify your address and enrollment. You can request a letter about a week after orientation when your SEVIS record has been registered. Use the In-status letter request form available on the forms menu.
Social Security Number

You are not eligible for a Social Security Number unless you get a job on campus.

Learn more about employment