Travel Documents

Our office will need a copy of all your documents for your individual student file when you first come to orientation. If you update your passport or visa, we will need a copy. if you leave the country and return, we ask for a photocopy of your new I-94. Please contact us if you or anyone you encounter has questions about your documents.

Immigration documents

These documents are required to enter and remain in the U.S. They are all legal as long as you maintain your status with us.

Visa process

What to do when...

Tips to keep in mind

  • Keep your passport and Form I-20 in your carry-on bag. You will need them to pass through immigration when you arrive at the airport. During COVID-19, also have a print out of your schedule of classes and the letter OISS will provide for you.  (This will be before you can access your checked luggage.)
  • During your stay in the U.S., keep all your documents in a safe place. It may be difficult or require a lengthy (and possibly costly) process to replace any of these documents.
  • You must notify us of any change in address (permanent overseas address or temporary address in the U.S.) within 10 days of the date the address change takes effect.
  • You must notify us prior to traveling outside the U.S. so that your I-20 can be endorsed for travel.
  • Remember to be positive and flexible. This information does not cover all possible situations or questions and it may change.
  • Attendance at the International Student Seminar at the beginning of the semester will help you learn more about maintaining your F-1 visa status. It will be virtual in spring 2021 and you will receive a link to access it in your email.  There will also be in-person components on January 15th From 1-3pm there will be an informational meeting and from 5-6pm a social. Kocation details to follow.