We offer various workshops to continuing students on a variety of topics designed to ensure student success.

Workshops 2017/2018

  • Immigration Workshop
    An opportunity for international students to find about how federal U.S State laws impact immigration. Our immigration Richard Yemm, certified immigration law specialist from Wolfsdorf Rosenthat Firm is coming.



  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop 2017/2018

Held four times a year, this workshop will help you understand what you need to do to apply for Optional Practical Training. 

All workshops are at 2:30-3:45pm. In Student Union, Room 114 ( Kingsmen Room)

 August         DATE: Wednesday 16, 2017        

September    DATE: Tuesday 12, 2017

October          DATE: Thursday 5, 2017

November      Date: Thursday 16, 2017

December       Date: Monday 4, 2017

January          Date: Wednesday 10, 2018  

February        Date: Thursday8, 2018

                                    Wednesday 28, 2018    

March                Date: Tuesday 13, 2018

April                    Date: Wednesday 11, 2018

May                     Date: Monday 7, 2018

June                     Date: Tuesday 5, 2018   


  • Tax workshop     

International students who were present in the U.S on F-1 visa during 2016 have a tax-reporting responsibility regardless of whether or not they worked in the U.S during that year. To assist you in completing this immigration requirement, the International Student Services office provides access to an on-line tax preparation software program designed specifically for international students.