Capture the Flag

2015-2016 Tournament

When: 3/5 at 11am

Where: Rolland Stadium

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  • Grace/Trinity Team - Grace, Trinity, Kramer, Houses

  • Commuter Team - all off campus students/ Faculty.

  • Mogen/ Old West Team - Rasmussen, Afton, Conejo, Janss

  • New West Team - South, North, Potenberg, West

  • Mt. Clef Team

  • Thompson Team

  • Pederson Team

Capture the Flag Rules


When a player is out of play (i.e., captured or released from jail) they mustwalk with their flag above their heads. If captured they must walk to jail; if released they must walk back to their own territory

Diving will not be allowed. If a player dives for a flag they will be sent to jail. If a player dives and the person they are attempting to capture falls, they will be ejected from their game.

Games will consist of two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.

The flag will be placed in a small safe zone where only offenders can enter.

If an offensive players touched someone in jail, they will release the whole jail.

Complete Rules

Download Capture the Flag Rules