2015-2016 Tournament

When: TBD

Where: Mt. Clef Plounge

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General Policies

Team Restrictions: Each Res Hall or Commuter Team can have up to four tandem teams in this tournament. For this tournament, teams do not need to have to have an RA to be eligible to compete.

Gender Restrictions: None

Registration: All players must complete the individual registration process before they can participate.

Dart Rules

  • Players stand at the "throw" line, 96 inches horizontally from the face of the dart board. It is legal to lean over the line. They may step on, but not across, the line.
  • Each player throws a maximum of three darts per turn. Darts must be thrown only when the machine instructs to "Throw Darts" and the proper player's number is lit. A player will always be allowed to throw all three of their darts.
  • It is not required for a player to throw all three darts on every turn. A player may pass or throw fewer than three darts. 
  • Any dart thrown counts as a throw, whether or not it is registered on the machine. A throw counts if it misses the board and bounces out, or if it misses the board completely. A player may not throw any darts over again. Dropped darts may be thrown again.
  • Darts on the board may not be touched until the turn is over, the "Player Change" is activated, and the machine recognizes the end of the turn. Exception: When a dart is in the board and machine reads "Stuck Segment", that dart must be removed by opposing team captain before other darts are thrown.
  • A round is defined as the period of time from the end of a player's turn to the start of their next turn. In a game that is played with two players sharing a score, a round is defined as the period of time from the end of a players turn to the start of their partner's turn.
RULES OF PLAY - 301/501
  • The game is 301/501 Any In-Any Out. The Bull's Eye will count 50 points.
  • All players start with 301/501 points and attempt to reach zero. If a player scores more than the total required to reach zero, the player "busts" and the score returns to the score that was existing at the start of the turn.
  • When a player reaches zero, the game is over. The winning team is the team with the lowest combined score (both team members). If the game score ends in a tie, the player/team that reaches zero wins. If a player reaches zero when they are "blocked" or "frozen", they will not be credited with any individual feats (4RO, 6DO, etc./5RO, 9DO, etc.), and the win will be credited to the opposing team as a team win only.
  • All general rules of play will apply.

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