Cosmic Dodgeball

2015-2016 Tournament

When: 10/28 & 11/4 7-11pm.

Where: Soiland Gym

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People have already had a blast at this event! Look for it again next year!

General Policies

Team Restrictions: Each Res Hall or Commuter Team can have only one team for this tournament.

Registration: All players must sign-up with IMLeagues and complete the waiver before they can participate.

Hall Breakdown:

Grace/Trinity Team - Grace, Trinity, Kramer, Houses

Commuter Team - all off campus students/ Faculty.

Mogen/ Old West Team - Rasmussen, Afton, Conejo, Janns

New West Team - South, North, Potenberg, West

Mt. Clef Team

Thompson Team

Pederson Team


Dodgeball Rules

All participants must be aware and understand the General Intramural Sports Rules and abide by the Intramural Sports Code of Conduct. Captains have the responsibility of making sure that all of the members of their team understand the General Rules, the sport specific rules, and the Code of Conduct. We encourage teams to have a team meeting before play starts.

California Lutheran University is using the same rules that were created by the National Amateur Dodgeball Association.


Teams are encouraged to dress in matching colors, but this is not a requirement to participate.

The Team

Teams will be made up of 6-10 players. Six players will compete on a side; others will be available as substitutes. Substitutes may enter the game only between games or in the case of injury. At least two individuals of each gender need to be on the court at all times.

The Court

The game may be played indoors or outdoors. Court is divided into two (2) equal sections by a center-line and attack-lines 3m from, and parallel to the center line.

The Game will be played on the gray-lined volleyball courts, including using a 3 meter line that is located on the volleyball court lines.


The Equipment

The official ball used in tournament and league play will be an 8.25" rubber-coated foam ball.

The Game(Best of 5 Games)

The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them "OUT". This may be done by:

1. Hitting an opposing player with a LIVE thrown ball.

2. Catching a LIVE ball thrown by your opponent before it touches the ground.

- A catch on your team will result in adding in an extra player that was previously knocked out (If everyone is still in, no new players are added)

Definition: LIVE: A ball that has been thrown and has not touched anything, including the floor/ground, outside of the playing field (wall, ceiling, etc)


During play, all players must remain within the boundary lines. Players may leave the boundariesthrough their end-line onlyto retrieve stray balls. They must also return through their end-line. If there is a designated ball retriever for the game, players will not be allowed to leave the court for any reason.

The Opening Rush

Game begins by placing the dodgeballs along the center line – three (3) on one side of the center hash and three (3) on the other. Players then take a position behind their end line lying on their stomach, hands on the end line. Following a signal by the official, teams may approach the center line to retrieve the balls. This signal officially starts the contest. Teams may retrieve any ball on the line. Once the ball is retrieved the player must completely cross their 3 meter line before throwing at the opposing team. After the initial ball retrieval player can throw anywhere behind the mid court line.

Timing and Winning the Game

The first team to eliminate all the opposing players wins.


Substitutions will only be allowed between games.

5 Second Violation

In order to reduce stalling, a violation will be called if a team in the lead controls all six (6) balls on their side of the court for more than 5 seconds. More details can be found in the NADA Rule Book. Individuals cannot hold the ball more than 5 sec. If they are called for this violation they must roll the ball to the other 3 meter line within 5 seconds. If they fail to follow this rule they will be out.

Rule Enforcement

During pool play or regular-season matches, rules will be enforced primarily by the "honor system"*. Players will be expected to rule whether or not a hit was legal or whether they were legally eliminated. All contests will be supervised by a court monitor*. The court monitor’s responsibility will be to rule on any situation in which teams cannot agree. THE COURT MONITOR’S DECISION IS FINAL – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Code of Conduct

1. Understand, appreciate and abide by the rules of the game.

2. Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials and IM staff.

3. Respect your opponent and congratulate them in a courteous manner following each match whether in victory or defeat.

4. Be responsible for your actions and maintain self-control.

5. Do not taunt or bait opponents and refrain from using foul or abusive language.