Study Abroad

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Pre-Planning to Study Abroad


Your 4-Year Plan

Planning ahead is very beneficial when researching study abroad options. Once you have a rough idea of the courses you need to take for your major, minor, and CORE 21, it will help you determine when the best time to study abroad is and which courses are best to set aside.

We recommend speaking with your faculty advisor about your study abroad plans as early as your first year. The Study Abroad Center is happy to assist you with academic planning in relation to your study abroad experience.

Download 4-Year Planning Worksheet

Going Abroad

Check your passport! 

If you already have a passport, check the expiration date before your departure. It must be valid for a minimum of six months after you are planning to return home. Instructions can be found on the Travel.State.Gov site.

Passport Application/Renewal Process

Financial Aid

Study Abroad Scholarship

Will you be applying for additional financial aid? Check when the application deadlines for the Cal Lutheran Study Abroad Scholarship. 

Scholarship Application Deadlines

Common Myths

Think studying abroad isn't possible for you? Think again!
MYTH #1: I can't study abroad and graduate in four years.

Yes you can! Planning early for a term abroad helps ensure that students stay on track to graduate in four years. As a freshman, students are encouraged to map out their 4-year plan to include a term abroad. An advisor in the Study Abroad Center is always available to assist with academic planning.

MYTH #2: Studying abroad isn't possible with my major.

Students from all disciplines can study abroad. Courses fulfilling CORE-21 requirements are commonly taken abroad. Additionally, the Study Abroad Center can direct students to programs that have specialties in subjects like sports medicine, environmental science, business, and liberal studies, among others. With advance planning, students can easily go abroad more than once.

MYTH #3: Studying abroad is way too expensive.

A term abroad is more affordable than you might think. Costs vary among programs, and financial aid is available. The Study Abroad Center can assist you in finding the right program that fits your budget.

MYTH #4: I can only look at English-speaking destinations because I don't know a foreign language.

Actually, you can go just about anywhere! Courses are offered in English in most destinations, but this is also an excellent opportunity to gain proficiency in another language.

MYTH #5: The classes I take abroad don't impact my GPA.

Not true. While studying abroad, students earn letter grades that factor into the cumulative GPA at Cal Lutheran.