Welcome Back Banquet

The Welcome Back Banquet is a great way to connect with returning study abroad students and share stories and photos. Attendance is mandatory for returning students.

Welcome Back Banquet

Study Abroad Returnee Conference

The "Lessons from Abroad" conference brings together study abroad returnees and gives you a great opportunity to network with other students and professionals.

Lessons from Abroad

Advice for Your Re-entry

Re-entry challenges you may experience and tips from fellow students on how to overcome smooth your period of adjustment upon returning to Cal Lutheran from abroad.

Reentry Challenges & Tips

Ways to Stay Involved

Continue to develop your international perspective and find ways to stay a student of the world.

Ways to Stay Involved

Ways to Stay Abroad

If your experience has helped you discover a passion for travel and the international community, you may seek opportunities to intern, teach or volunteer abroad.

Ways to Stay Abroad