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Things to Do While Abroad

Give us your contact info

After you get settled in to your new home abroad, be sure to let us know how we can get ahold of you.

Contact Info Submission Form

Confirm your attendance

While studying abroad, you are still considered a CLU student. Remember to confirm your attendance through WebAdvisor in the MyCLU Portal.

Select ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION under the Academic Profile section. You should choose "I will be here" and agree to the standards of conduct. This is only necessary if you are studying abroad during the fall or spring semester.

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Register for courses at Cal Lutheran

Don't forget — while you're abroad, you'll need to register for your Cal Lutheran courses for the next semester. Have an email conversation with your faculty advisor about the classes you are interested in taking for the following term. Once they have cleared you, register for classes through WebAdvisor in the MyCLU Portal.

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Voting in elections

If you will be studying abroad during an election, there are various ways to make sure your vote is still counted.

Voting Options While Studying Abroad