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Insurance While Abroad

ISIC Insurance

All Cal Lutheran students studying off-campus are issued an International Student ID Card (ISIC). This card provides students with many benefits, one being a supplementary form of travel insurance.  Insurance is valid for one year from the date of issue.

The following benefits and services are included with your ISIC card:

Amount Description
$250,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation
100% UCR*  Air Ambulance
$300 per day
up to $3,000 
$5,000  Continuation
100% UCR* Repatriation for Medical Treatment


100% UCR*

Emergency and Accidental Medical Treatment, including:

  • Acute/emergency Sickness and Injury
  • Treatment by authorized physicians, nurses and specialists
  • Hospitalization (semi-private rooms)
  • Surgery, anesthesiologist
  • Prescribed medicines, dressings
  • Local transport to and from the place of treatment
  • Medically necessary durable medical equipment
$2,500 Treatment by physiotherapists and chiropractors
$10,000 Limited motorcycle and sports vehicle coverage for injuries only
$500 Emergency dental treatment for immediate relief of pain
$2,500 Mental Health - Inpatient and Outpatient
$10,000 Pre-Existing Conditions (including acute)
$50,000 Repatriation of Mortal Remains
$100 Baggage Delay

$100 per day
up to $250

Travel Delay after the first 24-hours

$1,000 (24 Hours)
$5,000 (Common Carrier)

Accidental Death & Disability / Permanent Total Disability

*UCR: Usual, Customary and Reasonable.

Insurance Claims Information

Notice of Claim
In the event of a claim, please go to the Insurer's website at to access the TRAVEL CLAIM FORM. You may file your claims electronically to the Insurer by following the instructions on the form.

Required for all claims:

1. A signed and fully completed claim form must be submitted with each claim.
2. All claims must be submitted with proof of travel including flight records.
3. Medical Records:
Doctors’ Notes Reports, Bills, Receipts including names and addresses.
4. Proof of loss and detailed description of loss.
5. Police Reports (if applicable).
6. Baggage Loss/Theft (if applicable)
Airline records MUST INCLUDE confirmation of claim including phone
    numbers and any applicable reports from the Common Carrier.
7. Any additional documentation requested by the Insurer to support Your claim.


For Emergency Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days per week during your trip, contact GBG Assist at:

  • (866) 914-5333 toll free from within the US
  • (905) 669-4920 collect from outside the US

Where to present a claim
All claims should be presented to the Global Benefits Group, Inc. (GBG Assist)

Submit a Travel Claim by following the instructions available on the GBG Assist website.


Global Benefits Group, Inc.
27422 Portola Parkway, Suite 110
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 USA

Please have the following general information close by when making a claim:

  • Your International Identity Card number
  • Date of card issue
  • Trip dates
  • Location where your card was issued (California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA)

Additional Claims Information

Baggage Delay Claims
  • Proof of travel - either a trip invoice with costs, or an itinerary or a copy of airline tickets
  • List of claimed items
  • Original receipts
  • Proof of reason for claim -ex: a copy of the incident report filed with the airline
Medical Expenses Claims
  • Proof of trip payment - either a copy of canceled check (front and back), a credit card statement, a cash receipt, or a paid invoice verifying amount paid for trip and dates of payment
  • Original doctor, hospital or prescription receipts
  • Explanation of benefits from any other applicable insurance
  • Pertinent medical records

For complete ISIC insurance information and claims procedures, please view the plan information:

Download ISIC Travel Insurance - Basic Plan Information

EIIA International Travel Program

All CLU students and faculty are covered by EIIA while on institution sponsored programs outside of the U.S., its territories and possessions, and Canada.

The following benefits and services are included with your EIIA coverage:

Amount Description
$200,000 Accidental death & Dismemberment - Each insured person
$2,000,000 Accidental death & Dismemberment - Aggregate any one accident all insured persons
$100,000 Emergency medical expenses - Each insured person each injury or sickness
$1,000,000 Emergency medical evacuation (must be pre-certified by Europ Assistance)
$1,000,000 Medical repatriation each person

Travel Accident and Sickness

Emergency Medical Expenses ($100,000 each insured person each injury or sickness):

  • The initial loss must occur while the eligible person is participating in an institution-sponsored overseas trips.
  • No deductible applies for services.
  • Natural Disaster Evacuation coverage up to $100,000 limit per person, and $1,000,000 per event.
  • Security Evacuation coverage up to $100,000 limit per person, and $1,000,000 per event.
  • Trip Interuption coverage up to $2,000 per insured person per policy year/and lifetime maximum, 3 day maximum benefit period.
  • Pre-existing conditions have a $3,000 limit with a $500 deductible
  • Unlimited personal sojourn for pre- or post- trip travel outside the U.S.

Major Medical Exclusions(s):

Loss incurred as a result of: AIDS, routine or elective care, normal dental, acne, pregnancy or pregnancy related procedures including abortion (unless an emergency), specified athletic or sporting events.*

Payments under this policy will be made in full compliance with any OFAC (Office of Foreign Assest Control) trade sections.

**Specific athletic sporting events are defined as: football, boxing, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, rodeo, skiing (water or snow), surfing, swimming, diving, wrestling, basketball, baseball, and equestrian are excluded when participating in the event professionally or when representing the institution as part of the institution's athletic program. 

Excluded at all times: skydiving/parachuting, hang gliding, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, pot-holing, zip-lining, and motorcycle riding.

Scuba diving is excluded at all times except as an assigned part of curriculum of study for credit.

Europ Assistance Emergency Response Center:

Call toll-free in the U.S. or Canada at 1-855-901-6712
Call collect worldwide at +1-240-330-1551
Email Address:

  • Group ID: C2EII
  • Activation Code: 150424

In case of a medical emergency, we recommend making your phone calls in the following order:

  1. Call the emergency number of the international director provided by your campus or call the host country equivalent of 911 for a serious and/or life threatening medical emergency
  2. Call Europ Assistance for all emergency travel, accident and sickness assistance. Call their worldwide collect number at +1-240-330-1551, ask for a claim number
  3. Call the international office at your host institution or your institution's professor traveling with your group and give them the claim number
  4. Call your Institution's Study Abroad Coordinator and give them the claim number
  5. Call your family and give them the claim number

Who is Europ Assistance?
Europ Assistance is the Travel Assistance Service provider for EIIA International Travel Program.

When should I contact Europ Assistance?
Coordinators are available 24-hours a day, every day of the year . Many times people assume that the services are to be used only in serious cases.  Be assured that Europ Assistance is there to help you with any type of problem regardless of the severity.

What if local medical facilities are inadaquate?
If, through our medical management, it is determined that local medical providers are inappropriate for treatment, Europ Assistance will arrange for a medically safe evacuation to a facility capable of providing the necessary care.

What happens if I am hospitalized?
It is important to notify Europ Assistance as soon as possible so your treating physician can be contacted to assess your condition and treatment plans to ensure your safe recovery.  Europ Assistance will then update your family, employer/organization and personal physician as appropriate and assist you until you have returned home or have received final treatment.

Download EIIA International Travel Program insurance summary

Download the EIIA International Travel FAQs   〉