CLEP Exams

California Lutheran University no longer is a testing center for CLEP Exams. Testing locations can be found on the CLEP site on CollegeBoard or   Click Here.

No changes have been made to the policy regarding the transfer of approved CLEP credits. Cal Lutheran students may still transfer approved CLEP credits. Refer to "Available Exams and Cal Lutheran Equivalencies" for details. For any CLEP transfer credit questions, contact Academic Services at 805-493-3105.

Current Cal Lutheran students can earn credit towards their degree by taking a CLEP exam. 


Exam preparation resources
  • Review study materials and information from The College Board. (They design the tests.)
  • Study sample test questions.
  • Answer practice questions.
  • Take the CLEP demo to familiarize yourself with the testing process.
  • Pick up a CLEP study guide. They are available at most bookstores.
  • Review a textbook on the subject. Save money by buying a used copy or an older edition.
  • Talk to other students who have taken the exam.
  • Visit Mometrix Test Preparation