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About The Collection

The Collection is an online journal created by the Writing Center at California Lutheran University to showcase purposeful community writing. The journal will act as a collection of stories from our surrounding community in Thousand Oaks, CA. We are looking for personal, honest, interesting, and insightful pieces of fiction or non-fiction prose. All CLU students, staff, faculty, and alumni are welcome to submit entries. Chosen stories will be published in our online Journal annually. In order to be considered for publication, participants must confirm their interest by Oct. 1st, meet with a writing consultant to review their work at least once, and submit final drafts by January 31, 2017. Become a published writer through this new journal!

This year's theme is Love and Romance! We invite you to submit a 3000-word max story about any of the given prompts below. You may be published, and possibly featured, on our new Online Journal blog page! There will be a Reading Reception for all entries as well. 

The Prompt

What is love? Love is a feeling that we will all experience at one point in our lives. It is overwhelming, powerful, and extraordinary. Tales of love evoke the reader's emotions and imagnations in ways that other aspects of life cannot, and they have continued to do so throughout the ages. The California Lutheran University Writing Center would like to hear your treasured tales of love and romance! We invite you to submit a short story to be published on our new Writing Center Journal: The Collection.

Prompt Options: Please choose ONE and keep your story under 3,000 words (about 10 pages double spaced).

  • Meeting a Partner: 

    1. Why did you pick your partner? What type of qualities do you look for in a person?

    2. Was it love at first sight? Describe how you met.

    3. If you could create a fantasy meeting of you and a partner, what would it be like? 

  • The Meaning of Love: 

    1. What is love to you? 

    2. What symbolizes love to you? People, places, objects?

    3. What makes a person fall in love? What is your experience?

    4. In a perfect world, love would conquer hate. What needs to be done by individuals to move closer to this ideal universe?

  • Love lessons:

    1. From your experience, what have you learned about love and relationships?

    2. Would you give any advice to people in love? What would it be and why?

    3. How has your partner (or past partner) helped you in your life?

    4. How have you overcome conflicts in relationships?

  • Final draft is due by January 31, 2017. To submit, click here:

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