Process and Timelines

The Task Force of General Education Curriculum launched June 29, 2021. Since then, a robust group of staff, students, and administrators has been working on the review and analysis of best practices, literature, recommendations, and valuable information to design a core curriculum for the next generation of leaders and changemakers.

Together, we are crafting meaningful changes to help students not only find their purposes and inspirations, but also be prepared for the intricacies and intersections ever-present in today's global society. 

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Feedback and Voting Timeline
Oct. 20        

College faculty meeting - faculty vote to approve general education (GE) mission statement and learning outcomes (LOs).

Oct. 22

Email regarding voting results sent to College faculty.

Oct. 22 and 26    

Gallery walks presenting three design options - opportunity for faculty and staff to ask questions, provide feedback.

Nov. 2

Virtual gallery walk available for additional review and feedback on proposals.

Nov. 7

FAQs created regarding design options

Nov. 17

College faculty meeting- faculty consider motion to eliminate one design option from further consideration by secret ballot vote.  Of the two remaining options, faculty will be asked to vote for their preferred design proposal, again by secret ballot.  Votes will be tallied and results shared immediately.  The TFGEC will move for faculty to consider and approve the sole remaining design option at a later meeting. 

Nov. 18 - Dec. 10

College faculty will receive a calendar invitation to one of three gatherings (food provided) to offer space for conversations/debate among faculty and TFGEC members.  Faculty can propose amendments to the preferred design option during these times. 

Dec. 15

College faculty meeting - motion from Nov. 17 meeting resumes and accepted amendments will be presented; eligible faculty will vote via secret ballot to approve the design option for implementation in Fall 2022. 

If approved, TFGEC continues with obtaining approval of 2-year slate of classes.

If not approved, a special College faculty meeting will be held on Jan. 10.

Dec. -    Jan. 

TFGEC will work to modify design based on Dec. 15 feedback if necessary.  TFGEC will work to create slate of existing courses in CORE-21 that could meet newly-approved LOs with minimal changes. and present them to GEC-UCC for temporary 2-year approval to serve a bridge to possible new GE curriculum. 

Jan. 10

If necessary, during a special College faculty meeting, the TFGEC will move for a vote on approving the modified design option.  Faculty will be asked to vote by secret ballot to approve the design option for implementation in Fall 2022. 

If approved, TFGEC continues with obtaining approval of 2-year slate of classes.

If not approved, the provost and president will be informed by the TFGEC that it could not fulfill its charge.

We provide various types of opportunities for diverse stakeholders to actively participate in this thoughtful and structured process. Contact us for more information