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Date Guests Event
 Friday, Aug. 25, 2021 Faculty Gallery Walk at faculty retreat; feedback requested
 Friday, Sep. 24, 2021 Faculty & Staff Gallery Walk:  Mission of the GE & SLOs - feedback requested
Sep. 2021 Students Student Feedback

Fri., Oct. 22 and Tues., Oct. 26, 2021


Gallery Walk:  Design proposals presented - feedback requested

Nov. 18, Dec 3, and Dec 8, 2021 Faculty College Faculty Feedback Sessions - faculty meet with TFGEC members to discuss, provide feedback on design proposals.

Know more about the events that the Task Force on General Education Curriculum (TFGEC) has created to get in touch with the different stakeholders and communities, and to collaborate on the creation of the general education curriculum. 

Gallery Walks

Events created by the task force to present reports and discuss proposals of the curriculum with the faculty members. Find the valuable insights we have received during these events on our documents section

Data Collection

Focus groups, one-on-one meetings, surveys, and questionnaire for students to collect information and feedback during the creation of the curriculum.


Spaces open for the community, alumni, prospect students, and parents to express ideas and concerns about the general education curriculum. 

Feedback Form

Digital Platform to receive feedback, ideas, and suggestions from students, staff, and faculty. All feedback is welcome and anonymous.

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