Hugh S Lamont, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science


Prior to working at CLU (Fall 2012) I worked as an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at the University of Mississippi (Fall 2006 - Summer 2010)for four years and for two years as an Assistant Professor of Sport and Exercise Science at East Tennessee State University (Fall 2010 - Summer 2012). My main areas of expertise are Applied Neuromuscular Physiology, Strength and Conditioning, and assesment of Human Performance. I have taught classes ranging from Exercise Physiology to Neuro-Motor Control at undergraduate and graduate levels. At CLU I have taught Functional Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, and Senior Capstone. My reaserch interests include acute measures to fascilitate power expression using whole body vibration , maximal voluntray contractions, and ballistic jumps. Target subject populations have included reacreationally trained males and females, as well as Division I and know Division III athletes.


Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Oklahoma, Field of study: Exercise Physiology. Norman, Oklahoma, USA.  Aug 2002 - July 2006.


Research Assistant, Department of Physical Education, University of Edinburgh. Field of Study: Physio-mechanical aspects strength / power training in national level athletes. Edinburgh, Scotland. May 2001 - June 2002.


Master of Science, The University of Wolverhampton, Field of Study: Applied Sport and Exercise Science. Wolverhampton, England. Sep 1999 - March 2002.


Bachelor of Science, The University of Wolverhampton, Field of Study: (Biomedical Sciences) Physiology and Pharmacology. Wolverhampton, England. Sep 1995 - May 1999.


Associate Editor, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 2009 - Present


Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise

European Journal of Applied Physiology

European Journal of Sport Science

Journal of Experimental Biology

Scientific World Journal

Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy

Journal of Sport Performance


NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)

ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)

SWACSM (South West American College of Sports Medicine)

ISBS (International Society for Biomechanics in Sports)


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) (National Strength and Conditioning Association).



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