Adopt a Family or Child

Bring holiday cheer to children and families this year by sponsoring a child through Casa Pacifica or a family through Lutheran Social Services (LSS).

How to Participate

Drop Off Party

  1. Sign-Up

    Sign up your organization, office, or yourself to adopt a child or family. Program sign-up

  2. Learn About Your Family or Child

    Information about your assigned child or family will be emailed to you.

  3. Collect Your Gifts

    You'll want to provide items that the family or child needs AND wants from their wish list. More gifting guidelines

  4. Join the Drop Off Party

    Join the fun and drop off your gifts for the families during our Drop Off Party.

Adopt a Child


Casa Pacifica
 - $75-100
Casa Pacifica works with abused, neglected and emotionally disturbed children that were removed from their homes by Child Protective Services.

Casa Pacifica offers residential treatment, emergency shelter care, assessments, educational programs, family support, medical services, and psychiatric/psychological treatment for those children.


Adopt a Family


Lutheran Social Services
 - $150
Lutheran Social Services (LSS) is a non-profit agency that provides social services through its ministry. LSS' ministry reaches those in need of counseling, emergency services, job training, transitional housing, utility assistance, helps the elderly, and more.

Kids and Families Together - $150
Kids & Families Together is a not-for-profit support, education and counseling resource center that provides services for individuals and families in foster care, kinship care and adoption, for the preservation of families and the physical, emotional and mental health of children.

Gift Rules & Guidelines

What to Give
  • NO CASH – gift cards welcomed
  • Consider including gift receipts (Please include for shoes or clothing)
  • Please provide items they need AND want from their wish list. Fulfill needs first and then try to give at least one thing they want.
  • If sponsoring a family, consider giving a gift the family can share: a board game, gift certificates to see a movie together, coupons for a meal out, a family video, etc. Some people give the family a supermarket or gas card, or a Target gift card.
  • Please only give what you can. Do not overextend yourself or break your bank—communicate with us if your giving level changes and we can split the assignment!
Packaging Your Gifts
  • Adopt a Child: Please clearly label gifts for Casa Pacifica, but do not wrap them.
  • Adopt a Family: Please wrap and clearly label gifts for Lutheran Social Services or Kids and Families Together

Why Give

As a participant in this program, we hope that you will:

  • Learn about the agency you're "adopting" through—specifically who they serve and the services they provide.
  • Reflect on and express what compels you as an individual (and us as a Cal Lutheran community) to lead the way and adopt 50+ families and children this holiday season.
  • Think about and celebrate the various ways that this program may impact the various participants—from the adopters to the adoptees, and perhaps even our local economy.