Rafaela Fiore Urizar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Spanish

(805) 493-3476
Swenson 212


Rafaela Fiore Urizar came to California Lutheran Univeristy in Fall 2011 as an Assistant Professor in the new Department of Languages and Cultures. She was previously a Visiting Assistant Professor at Catholic University of America (2009-2011).

Dr. Fiore Urizar teaches courses in Spanish that range from elementary level language to senior level seminars. Her current research and teaching interests are:

- Dictatorship and Post-dictatorship Latin American Narratives
- US Latino Literature
- Relationship between Literature, Visual Arts and Popular Culture
- Women Writers
- Transatlantic Detective Fiction



• Ph.D. Contemporary Latin American Literature. The University of Chicago, 2009.
• M.A. Spanish Languages and Literatures. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2001.
• B.A. Literature. Universidad Católica "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción" at Asunción, Paraguay, 1997.


In my dissertation, "Family Secrets: Memory and Trauma in Times of Freedom," I studied the consequences of personal and collective memory in connection to the historical trauma in Argentina which followed some of the last military governments of the 20th century. My study focused on the memories of people who did not experience directly the horrors of a dictatorship but still present similar behaviors as of the political exiles or direct victims of an authoritarian regime. Specifically, I presented a study of memory and trauma in relation to detective fiction, urban spaces, language and literary ekphrasis. Central topics that permeated throughout the dissertation include the relationship between performance, politics and social life; the transmission of cultural values, memory and identity; national and gender identities; and immigration conflicts and citizenship.


•  Fiore Urízar, Rafaela. “Intercanvis intel·lectuals: Carme Riera i la recepció de les seves obres dins de l'acadèmia Nord·Americana”. Carme Riera: Transformacions. Ed. Luisa Cotoner and Pilar Arnau. Col·lecció Biblioteca Miquel dels Sants Oliver. Barcelona: Publicacions de l’Abadia. November,  2011.

• Fiore Urízar, Rafaela. ed. and comp. Número especial en honor a Carme Riera. Spec. issue of Tejuelo 10 (2011): 1-112.

• Fiore Urízar, Rafaela. Foreword. Número especial en honor a Carme Riera. Ed. Rafaela Fiore Urízar. Spec. issue of Tejuelo 10 (2011): 4-6.

• Fiore Urízar, Rafaela. "La creación de una estética de consumo: Carlos Barral y la producción literaria hispanoamericana". Barralianas: Homenaje a Carlos Barral. Ed. Germán Cánovas and Carme Riera. Barcelona: Academia del Hispanismo, 2010. 177-184.
• Fiore Urízar, Rafaela. "Escenografías urbanas de Buenos Aires: memoria, espacio e identidad en El común olvido de Sylvia Molloy". Latin American Literary Review LALR 74 (2010): 63-81.

• Fiore Urízar, Rafaela. "Deconstruyendo a Apolo: transposiciones ovidianas para una lectura del poder en ‘Cambio de armas' de Luisa Valenzuela". Mester XXXVIII (2009): 15-25.

• Fiore Urízar, Rafaela. Foreword. Antología poética (1994-2004). By Fernando Pistilli. Asunción, Paraguay: Servilibro, 2004.


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