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Intramural Sports - News and Updates!

  • 3v3 Basketball! Next Saturday 4/18. Sign up here!
Basketball 4/15 - Soiland Gym
Home Away Time
Swoop Squad Straight Cash Homie 7:00 PM
Splash Bros 805 Magic 7:00 PM
Shot Clock Cheese Twenty Twen Twen 8:00 PM
Harden in the Paint ShammGodz 8:00 PM
Yeezy Taught Me 0-76ers 9:00 PM
Hoops I Did it Again Premature Shooters 9:00 PM
Bob Saget Island of Temptation 10:00 PM
Home Away Location Time
Big Black Red Hot Chili Peppers Soiland Gym (Far Court) 7:00 PM
Pop a Volley Easymoneysnipers Soiland Gym (Near Court) 7:00 PM
Blackish Volley Llamas Soiland Gym (Far Court) 8:00 PM
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Sets in the City Soiland Gym (Near Court) 8:00 PM
Bye for

The Fun Havers

Outdoor Soccer 4/12- Rolland Stadium
Home Away Time
We Hate Soccer Free Agent 12:00 PM
Panda and Elephant Iron Lotus 1:00 PM
Purity Ring Twinkle Toes 2:00 PM
Messi Situation Real Coholics 3:00 PM
That One Team The Funky Bunch 4:00 PM


- Spring Semester Leagues

  1. 5v5 Basketball - Wednesday Nights starting February 18th
  2. Indoor Volleyball- Tuesday Nights starting February 17th
  3. Outdoor Soccer - Sunday Afternoons starting February 22nd

- Spring Hall Cup Tournaments - 2014

  1. Ultimate Frisbee - Saturday February 7th
  2. Ping Pong - Saturday March 7th
  3. Dodgeball - Thursday Nights, March 12th to April 16th
  4. 3v3 Basketball - Saturday April 18th

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Who we are!

The Intramural Sports program at California Lutheran University is designed to combine physical, social, and recreational well-being by offering a diverse program of sports, leagues, and activities.  Through the Intramural Sports program, we encourage the participation of sports along with fellowship and healthy competition. Students, faculty, and staff come together and enjoy the experience of good competition, sportsmanship, physical activity, and healthy active lifestyles fostered through CLU's IM program.


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