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Intramural Sports - Who we are!

The Intramural Sports program at California Lutheran University is designed to combine physical, social, and recreational well-being by offering a diverse program of sports, leagues, and activities.  Through the Intramural Sports program, we encourage the participation of sports along with fellowship and healthy competition. Students, faculty, and staff come together and enjoy the experience of good competition, sportsmanship, physical activity, and healthy active lifestyles fostered through CLU's IM program.

SKYHIGH Dodgeball Event Hosted by Rec Sports

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Location: Skyhigh in Camarillo, CA

Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

When: Thursday July 31st

What: Trampoline Dodgeball Event. Get a chance to bounce around dodging dodgeballs. Utilize the 5 D's of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge!

First 30 people to show up get free admission for jump time (7pm - 8pm).

You must check in with Paul before you enter the facility to be counted at one of the first 30 people.

After 30 person limit is met: cost is $10 cash per person. (Payment made to Paul Hartmann at Sky High)

***You must present your CLU ID card when you check in with Paul at Sky High***

***Sign up and ability to join our private dodgball group ends 7:05pm***

There is a 30 person limit to play dodgeball on our reserved court. If we go over thirty people we will go to a King of the Court game play. Winning team will stay on while we cycle new teams in and out. Only 30 people in our CLU party can be bouncing at a time. (This event does not include free range of the facility. The event only allows jumpers to jump in our reserved court.


- Fall Semester Leagues

  1. Indoor Soccer - Monday Nights
  2. Flag Football - Sunday Afternoons

- Spring Tournaments - 2014

  1. Sandblast Beach Volleyball - Saturday September 13th
  2. 3 on 3 Basketball - Saturday October 11th
  3. Cosmic Dodgeball - Wednesday Nights October 8th-29th


  • Individual Registration- every participating tournament or league player must complete individual registration online to be eligible to play in their respective sport! (For Tournaments - Students must complete separate individual registration for each tournament, For League Sports - students only need to complete one individual registration with all sports they plan on playing selected)




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