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Hub101 gives startups room to grow in Thousand Oaks
Natalie Edell spent most of her time in the office at a coffee shop after graduating from Northwestern University and returning to her home in Westlake Village until she met Greg Monterrosa community manager of Hub101, a California Lutheran University initiative.
Published: August 10, 2017 - Ventura County Reporter

Interview with Mike Panesis of Cal Lutheran's Center for Entrepreneurship
Mike Panesis, director of California Lutheran University's Center for Entrepreneurship, shares his perspective on starting a business, the history of start-ups in the 805 and how a hacker, hipster and hustler are three roles in every new business.
Published: August 6, 2017 - KVTA

Low-income kids with hearing loss get help from grad students on South Coast
Low-income children who are deaf or hard of hearing are getting help this summer on the South Coast.
Published: August 6, 2017 - KCLU

World-changing literature
This is part of a larger story that pits conservative constituencies in Thousand Oaks against the broader community, educators and the National Coalition Against Censorship, writes California Lutheran University librarian Yvonne Comstock Wilber.
Published: August 5, 2017 - Ventura County Star

DNA could solve shark attack mysteries
California Lutheran University professor and marine biologist Bryan Swig sat down with NBC4 to tell us about the DNA research that could solve this mystery go whether two deadly shark attacks reported at Surf Beach two years apart were related.
Published: August 4, 2017 - NBC Los Angeles

How pirate tactics built an entrepreneurial ecosystem
Grab some grog, pull up a stool, and we'll chart ye a course to building yer own pirate culture, writes California Lutheran University faculty member Renee Rock.
Published: August 4, 2017 - Pacific Coast Business Times

Hospice work inspires play about love, loss
When Claytie Mason lost a close friend to cancer eight years ago, she was not only devastated by the loss itself, but disturbed that her friend said nothing about nearing death's door.
Published: August 2, 2017 - Ventura County Star

Honoring teachers who make the grade
Here, we celebrate three incredible teachers who educate and inspire students to achieve their dreams.
Published: August 1, 2017 - Conejo Valley Lifestyle magazine

Life after Cal Lutheran University
Dublin High School's Rebecca Bomfim talks about entering the real world.
Published: August 1, 2017 - OneDublin

The loss of a truly gifted man
During the years I knew John Slade, I wished we had become real friends.
Published: August 1, 2017 - Ventura County Star

Help for hearing-impaired kids
Each summer, a group of graduate students from California Lutheran University spend their Saturdays teaching at No Limits, a tutoring program for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Published: July 30, 2017 - Ventura County Star

South Coast university grooms underrepresented students for science fields
A South Coast university is targeting students from underrepresented groups to pursue the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.
Published: July 29, 2017 - KCLU

Review: Julius Caesar at Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival
What happens when a family loses a loved one?
Published: July 28, 2017 - Broadway World

Sports program aims for toddler and grade-school set
John Leal holds a degree in business and he's done extensive studies in kinesiology.
Published: July 28, 2017 - San Diego Union-Tribune

Young writer embraces her weird
My name is Lauren Graf, and I've had the pleasure of writing "Keep Carpinteria Weird" this summer.
Published: July 27, 2017 - Coastal View News

Artists' greatest act: teaching others
The loss of two creative titans just a day apart has left Ventura County's arts community reeling.
Published: July 21, 2017 - Camarillo Acorn

Residents can learn from international students
International students planning to attend colleges and universities in the tri-county area may fear being unwelcome due to media coverage of negative comments, but once they arrive they are generally met with a lack of attention. writes California Lutheran University faculty member Loredana Carson.
Published: July 21, 2017 - Pacific Coast Business Times

Show must go on for grieving actors
As soon as the key players in the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company learned that their friend and colleague John Slade had been killed in a hit-and-run automobile accident, they agreed the show must go on.
Published: July 21, 2017 - Ventura County Star

After director's death, Kingsmen carries on with 'Caesar'
"Creating is the essence of life," Julius Caesar says in William Shakespeare's celebrated tragedy named for the ancient Roman ruler.
Published: July 20, 2017 - Thousand Oaks Acorn

Artists' greatest act was as teachers
The loss of two creative titans just a day apart has left Ventura County's arts community reeling.
Published: July 20, 2017 - Thousand Oaks Acorn

Cops seek driver in fatal hit-and-run
The California Highway Patrol is seeking the public's help in locating a Ventura man it says was responsible for the accident that lead to the death of a Cal Lutheran University theater director.
Published: July 20, 2017 - Thousand Oaks Acorn

Research by South Coast scientist who studies DNA from shark teeth to be featured again on TV
The latest research by a scientist on the South Coast who studies DNA from shark teeth left behind after attacks will again be featured as a part of the Discovery Channel "Shark Week" TV specials.
Published: July 20, 2017 - KCLU

Suspect sought in fatal hit-and-run
The California Highway Patrol was asking for the public's help on Tuesday to find a Ventura man suspected of a July 6 fatal hit and run traffic collision in which an Ojai educator and actor was killed.
Published: July 19, 2017 - Ventura County Star

CLU researcher's work featured on 'Shark Week'
The idea to get DNA from just a fragment of a great white shark's tooth came after Ralph Collier read about work happening in Kenya.
Published: July 18, 2017 - Ventura County Star

Farmers market groundwater
Ventura County farmers can now buy and sell groundwater on a formal market.
Published: July 18, 2017 - Ventura County Star

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