Offered as a major (B.A.) and a minor

Explore the big questions.

Our religion program challenges students to engage in the academic study of religion and to explore the religious questions that people have asked throughout history, such as the existence and nature of God, the meaning of life, how we should live, and what awaits us after death.

While the primary focus of the religion curriculum is the Christian tradition, courses are also offered in the other major religious traditions of the world, as well as in biblical languages.

The Curriculum

Your courses will build a solid grounding in the academic study of religion using the tools of critical thinking, analysis of primary sources, and engagement with diverse religious traditions both locally and globally. The program supports Cal Lutheran’s liberal arts emphasis and will prepare you to understand and negotiate the myriad complexities of religion you will face after graduation.

The Professors

Your Future

Opportunities exist for students to do internships and independent studies, allowing them to explore areas of potential career interest, and students majoring in religion graduate from Cal Lutheran well-prepared for seminary study. In addition, Lutheran students are eligible for the Associate in Ministry program for lay persons who are certified by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Graduate Schools

  • Fuller School of Psychology
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • Claremont School of Theology
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Washington State University
  • Princeton
  • Claremont School of Theology
  • Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago


  • A Christian Ministry in the National Parks
  • Crossroads Community Church
  • ELCA Division for Global Mission
  • Grace Lutheran Church
  • Lamb of God Lutheran Church
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • Trinity Lutheran University
  • Westlake Lutheran Church

Career Paths

  • Youth Pastor/Minister
  • Director of Youth Ministries
  • Church Programming Assistant
  • Director of Christian Education
  • Development Associate
  • Director of Family & Youth Life
of our students are either enrolled in graduate programs or are employed within nine months of graduation.

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