Why should you transfer to Cal Lutheran?

California Lutheran University is where students pursue their passions and discover their unique purpose.

You will work closely with accomplished professors who will challenge, guide, and champion you along your college journey.

The result is an education that prepares you for a fulfilling lifelong career while growing as an individual.

Which means that you will . . .

Know Your Professors

With classes of 15 to 30 students (the average is 22), you will get to know your professors well as you work together through ideas in close, intimate discussions. This is a welcome change for students coming from large, impersonal institutions.

Graduate Sooner

All of our traditional undergraduate programs are designed to be completed in four years. If you transfer credit to Cal Lutheran and maintain full-time status, you can graduate quickly and head out into the world to take on the career of your choice.

Be Ready for Your Career

Our excellent career counselors will get in touch with you during your very first term on campus. These counselors offer workshops on resume writing, interviewing, salary negotiations, applying to graduate schools, and other critical skills to help you begin your career.

In the past four years, 95% of our students were either enrolled in graduate programs or working in their chosen career within nine months of graduation.

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