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I, Robot and Humanlike Reasoning
How Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is transforming the business world and human knowledge

Preus-Brandt Forum

AJ Abdallat will share his experience in technology commercialization and creating high-tech startups, along with his lessons learned while navigating business in the science world. Engage with this speaker and register today!

Interview Like a Pro

Student Union

Career Services Workshop

Careers in Communications Speaker Panel

Ullman Commons 100/101

Career Service Event

Marketing U: How to Create an Epic Resume

Student Union

Career Services Workshop

How to Prepare for the Career and Intern Expo

Student Union

Career Services Workshop

Career & Intern Expo 2016


Career Fair

Know Your Worth: How to Negotiate the Best Salary

Student Union

Career Services Workshop

Religious Diversity in the Workplace
part of the Leadership Essentials series

Lundring Events Center

Join Cal Lutheran Alumni and the School of Management for a thought-provoking Leadership Essentials on March 17, 2016, featuring Cal Lutheran professors Rahuldeep Gill and Kapp Johnson who will be discussing Religious Diversity in the Workplace: "Can We Really Bring Our Whole Selves To Work?”