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Mary Hanley Dakota Fog
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Vedran Kaluderovic Claudia Harada-Wang
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Yi-Chien Liu
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Michael Puente Evan Pruss
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Ricardo Suarez Allan Scally
John Wilson
Homan Zarghampour Solange Weiss
  Chen Yu
  Tongxi Zhao

Molly Clancy, M.S. Economics (2010)

After graduating from Canyon Del Oro High School in Tucson, AZ, Molly attended California Lutheran University where she received her B.A. in Economics with a Mathematics Minor. During her undergraduate studies, she was honored with numerous academic and athletic awards and served on many committees and organizations. Her achievements included Provost Award for Academic Excellence, Overton Prize in Economics, Scholastic Honor Society, Academic Achievement Award, Festival of Scholars participant, Dean’s List, Action Abroad Alliance Vice President, Community Service Center Volunteer, Student Athlete Society, Track and Field team member, and Pole Vault school record-holder.

She continued her education at California Lutheran University and entered the Master of Science in Economics program. The M.S. Economics program at California Lutheran University prepared Molly for her continued career, which she achieved immediately following completion of the program. While in the M.S. program, she obtained a one year research internship at J. D. Power and Associates. After working for a few months, she began independently studying SAS and working with programmers and statisticians at JDPA. Upon completion of her internship and graduating, she was hired full-time in the programming department. She worked in the programming department for a year and a half before being promoted to the statistics department, where she currently still works. Molly applies mathematical and economic ways of thinking daily to each problem and project she encounters. She enjoys being constantly challenged at her job and credits her MS degree for the confidence and knowledge that propelled her career. She is enjoying her current successes and is looking forward to continued growth and opportunities.


Mary Hanley, M.S. Economics (2010)

After graduating from a highly competitive  undergraduate economics program at UCLA, Mary Hanley began her graduate studies at the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting (CERF) at California Lutheran University.  During her graduate studies Mary developed short and long-term economic models and forecasts, performed vector auto-regression model building, conducted quantitative and qualitative analysis of economic and financial data, and assisted in the preparation of the final presentation of economic forecasts for clients.  Mary also assisted with database system maintenance including Excel linking, formulas, and documentation and she helped to manage the corporate intranet including HTML editing in Word, page-linking, and documentation.

Mary credits her hands-on economic research and forecasting experiences at CERF for giving her the skills to make significant contributions in the workplace.  Recently, Mary utilized these skills to restructure the real estate business model for the Hanley Team at Keller Williams Realty.  She identified new target markets through analysis of geographic market data creating new business opportunities. Then, she implemented new marketing strategies including social media and networking, YouTube virtual tours, and bulk mailing campaigns which resulted in a 150% increase in revenues in 2010.

Community service has always been important to Mary.  While working on her graduate degree, Mary returned to Thousand Oaks High School as one of the coaches for the Thousand Oaks High School Track & Field team.  Utilizing her experiences on the UCLA Track & Field team, Mary assisted the athletes to attain their best possible performances.   Mary coached three Marmonte League track and field champions.  Mary also participated in the 2009 Thousand Oaks High School “Every 15 Minutes”, a teenage drinking and driving awareness program, assisting with the grant writing and coordination of the program.  In addition, she has participated in several City of Thousand Oaks Community Enhancement events.

Currently, Mary is seeking a position which utilizes her skills and has potential for long-term growth.  She looks forward to the future challenges and opportunities ahead.

Mary Hanley Resume


Michael Puente, M.S. Economics (2011)

I am a recent graduate of California Lutheran University, with a Master of Science in Economics.  Before being accepted to this wonderful program, I worked as a part time staff member at Health Net, and I am a graduate of California State University Northridge, with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.  I am a young economist seeking to make my mark on the world. My short term goals are to start up a career in analysis, growing my field knowledge of all sides of production and consumption. My long term goal is to be a leading world economist, and a professor on the side.  My interests include economics, robotics, programming, analysis, music, Irish, Scottish and English traditional and country dancing, and ballroom dancing.

I am currently employed at UCLA Medical System as a Management Services Officer.

Michael Puente Resume


Chong Dai, M.S. Economics (2012)

My research interests are US and China's economy, stock trading and financial derivatives.

I chose to study at CLU because their MBA program is ranked in the Top 20 in West. CLU also offers a Master of Science in Economics.

My resume: Bachelor degree with double major of Marketing and Management is completed in Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton, New Zealand in 2007.

  • Market Training, in SONY Corp. Shanghai, China, from May to October in 2007
  • Market research and planning in Shanghai, for US investors, from November 2007 to March 2008
  • Direct Sales Force in HSBC from April 2008 to February 2009
  • Personal Financial Officer in HSBC from March to October 2009

MBA major in finance in CLU, in Sep 2010
MS Econ in CLU, in Sep 2011


Vedran Kaluderovic, M.S. Economics (2012)

I chose the MS ECON program at CLU because of small classes, reputable faculty, quantitative rigor and the ability to apply the newly acquired knowledge at the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting.




John Wilson, M.S. Economics (2012)

John finished his undergraduate degree in three years with a B.A. in economics following the spring semester of 2011 at California Lutheran University. He then proceeded to begin his graduate studies by enrolling in the M.S. Econ program at California Lutheran University in the fall of 2011. The reason he chose to pursue the Masters degree was in large part due to the opportunity to learn from a prestigious and experienced core of Economic Professors. John also wanted to develop skills that helped him work with financial economic data, so the programs foundation in the modeling and forecasting was a huge attraction. 

John Wilson Resume


Robert Hildebrand, M.S. Economics (2013)

After graduating from California Lutheran University with a M.S. Economics degree, Robert went on to obtain the position of Vice President of Analytics and Modeling at Bank of the West.





Kristen Keough, M.S. Economics (2013)

Kristen graduated from California Lutheran University with her B.A. in Economics and Political Science in May of 2012, beginning her Master's in Economics the next month. Her main interests are in research, economic development, and econometrics.  She enjoys getting to work under Dr. Watkins and Dr. Hamilton as a graduate assistant and learning firsthand from their experience. She is also currently volunteering as an intern for a non profit in South Los Angeles working in economic and urban development. In her spare time she plays on CLU women's rugby team.

Kristen has accepted an offer for the position of Research Analyst from the Milken Institute.

Kristen Keough Resume


Yi-Chien Liu, M.S. Economics (2013)

While employed as a project manager at a marketing company in Taipei during college, I discovered that I have a talent for business, management, and marketing. So, instead of solely focusing on working as an engineer for my long-term career, I focused on learning how to manage the work of my fellow engineers once I began business school. During my time as an International MBA student at CLU, I took “Foundations of Economics” with Dr. Jamshid Damooei and “Managerial Economics” with Prof. Carlo Ohanian, receiving a mark of “A” in both classes. Because of these classes, I realize that I have the ability to easily understand and enjoy the math calculations, procedures, and concepts in economics classes. Now, with a graduate-level education in international business, I have figured out that economics determines how the world is run. The more I have learned about economics, the more curiosity and passion I find that I have towards the subject.

On May 11th 2012, I “walked” at the graduation ceremony at Cal Lutheran. I was shocked to learn that there were more than 200 students that graduated from the MBA program, yet only one student graduated from the Master of Science in Economics program. It is clear to me that MBA graduates are in high supply but in low demand in the working environment, which could mean that my future salary will not be as high as I would like it to be. However, there is a much lower supply, but theoretically a higher demand in the working environment, for graduates of the MS program in Economics – I anticipate that the demand for my services and my potential salary should increase as a result of completing a second Master’s degree at CLU. Thus, I have decided that I want to pursue a Master of Science in Economics after finishing my International MBA coursework in August, in order to make me stand out from the other MBA graduates. Instead of simply being one of the many MBA graduates from CLU, I would also like to be one of the few students who have graduated from the MS program in Economics.

By adding a Master of Science in Economics to my existing combination of a BS in Electronic Engineering and an MBA, I will become more unique, and create a higher demand for my services on the job market. Whether I decide to go back to my country or stay in the United States, two Master’s degrees are a necessary for me to compete at the professional level that I so desire. Currently, I am working as a graduate assistant in “Center for Economic Research and Forecasting” and applying to PhD program in Economics. I am ready to face the challenges of my future career.

Yi-Chien Liu Resume


Thomas Markussen, M.S. Economics (2013)

After graduating from California Lutheran University with a M.S. Economics degree, Thomas was offered a position at DNB ASA, Norway's largest bank as an Authorized Financial Planner




Claudia Harada-Wang, M.S. Economics (2014)

I graduated from a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics at Australian Catholic University in Australia in 2012. I decided to obtain my Master's degree at CLU because of the strong quantitative element of the course. This was important to me because not only will it make me a more competitive candidate when job hunting, but it will also be a good foundation for Ph.D. studies, should I ever choose to pursue one.

I am currently working as a Graduate Assistant at the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting (CERF) under Dan Hamilton and Bill Watkins to put my education to work and obtain some first-hand experience in the field of economics.


Yuliya Kaminskaya, M.S. Economics (2014)

Yuliya works at Union Bank as Assistant Vice President/Financial Analyst.






Daniel Mock, M.S. Economics (2014)






David Reaves, M.S. Economics (2014)

David works at the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting at California Lutheran University.

David Reaves Resume





Solange Weiss, M.S. Economics (2015)

I completed my bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in biology at La Sierra University in 2005. In 2012 I joined Amgen as an Associate Project Manager in the Global Medical Writing department and I began the MS Econ program at CLU. I mostly enjoy working with people on different types of projects and I hope that an education in economics opens up new career paths for me as I continue developing my professional skills. I look forward to completing the MS Econ program in 2015!


Chen Yu, M.S. Economics (2014)

I graduated from a bachelor’s degree of Accounting from Michigan Technological University in 2012. I am a Chinese student and feel very fortunate to study abroad. So, I came to CLU for a master’s degree in Master of Science in Quantitative Economics. I really like the courses here. They are very interesting and full of challenges. They give me lots of knowledge, but, at least as important, practical experience. I worked as a graduate assistant at the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting with Dan Hamilton for several months to help on forecasting and modeling China’s economy.  I will graduate on August, 2014.

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