Speak fluently.

Understanding a language is more than simply knowing how to translate; it requires an immersion in its culture and history.

We offer a wide variety of courses that incorporate literature, linguistics, and culture into the study of the Spanish language. In addition to working interactively with their faculty mentors and each other, we strongly encourage students to study abroad.

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Career Opportunities

Most of our majors and minors go into teaching, some into private industry and some into government service. Our program tries to address itself to the needs of these students by preparing them for an increasingly pluralistic and globally oriented society as well as a competitive career world. To that end and because language and literature are inseparable from a cultural context, our program has a strong cultural orientation.


  • New Mexico Orthopedics
  • Sport Court of Southern California
  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • La Roca Women's Shelter

Job Titles

  • Project Coordinator
  • Director of Admission
  • X-Ray Technician
  • Teacher
  • Project Administrator
  • Police Officer
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