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The academic home for languages at Cal Lutheran, including Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. Join us as we engage the many vibrant connections between language, culture, and place found in southern California.

Languages and Cultures Learning Objectives 
Upon successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree in French/German/Spanish, a student should be able to:

(1) Communicate data, express opinions, and negotiate meaning in professional, social, and academic contexts. (Written and Oral Communication)

(2) Articulate a rich understanding of their own linguistic and cultural identities and how each connects to a variety of multilingual and multicultural situations. (Cross-cultural Competency, Identity and Values)

(3) Contextualize, compare, and interpret content in the target language based on a deep understanding of history, cultural practices, and ideologies. (Creative and Critical Thinking, Cross-cultural Competency, Information Literacy)

(4) Develop a critical framework for investigating questions grounded in the connection between languages, cultures, and the communities they represent. (Information Literacy)

Lang. Placement Exams

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