Multiple Ones: Contemporary Perspectives in Printmedia

Kwan Fong Gallery of Art and Culture and William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

The 20 contemporary printmakers in this exhibition dispense with artificial boundaries around their technique in order to make participatory art for the digital age. They demonstrate how prints can inhabit three dimensions like sculpture or sprawl across a wall like a painted mural.

Executive Talent Management Forum
Building a stronger bridge between industry and higher education

Lundring Events Center

This is the fourth installment of a series of events organized by the School of Management that is dedicated to managing talent in modern organizations. This year’s event will center on "Talent Management: For many or a select few?" Learn more...

2019 EDU|CAL Annual Symposium
'Recovering Our Histories, Reclaiming Community Cultural Wealth,' Tara Yosso, PhD

Lundring Events Center

EDU|CAL’s inaugural symposium will feature a discussion on engaging asset-based cultural models in the classroom with keynote speaker Professor Tara Yosso from UC Riverside. The purpose of this event is to provide outreach to current and future students by offering pedagogical resources and tools to successfully work with a growingly diverse student demographic.

2019 Alumni Hall of Fame Ceremony

Lundring Events Center

Join us as we recognize six exceptional individuals for their outstanding contributions in the field of intercollegiate varsity athletics, and for bringing recognition and honor to Cal Lutheran.

Faculty Recital: Classical Favorites
Eric Kinsley, Keum Hwa Cha and guest artist Haekyung An

Samuelson Chapel

Eric Kinsley, keyboards, Keum Hwa Cha, violin, and guest artist Haekyung An, soprano, perform masterpieces often neglected in modern concert halls.

Reel Justice Film Series: 'Exiled'

Lundring Events Center

Exiled documents the emotional, complicated stories of two deported U.S. military veterans living in Tijuana, Mexico.

Spectrum of Opportunity
'Communication Alternatives in Autism' Author Celebration

Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center

Join us for an interactive celebration with autistic authors who type and spell to communicate. Learn about disability and communication rights, educational access for minimally speaking individuals, and meet and greet the following amazing self-advocates: Tracy Thresher, Larry Bissonnette, Ido Kedar, Samuel Capozzi, Dillan Barmache, Henry Frost, Philip Reyes and Rhema Russell.

Founders Day Convocation
'Educating for Lives of Purpose'

Samuelson Chapel

Each fall, the university community, alumni and friends gather to celebrate the founding of the university and mark the occasion with a festive convocation.

Founders Day Concert
Cal Lutheran Music Student Showcase

Samuelson Chapel

Music Department students celebrate homecoming weekend and the founding of the university with an eclectic array of solo and chamber performances.

8th Annual Loop da Lu 5k Walk/Run

Kingsmen Park

Join fellow alumni, family and friends for a 5K tour of our beautiful Thousand Oaks Campus.