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Free Lecture — Christian Slaveholding: From Biblical Times to Abolition
Fifty and Better (FAB) March Lecture Series

Zoom PDT

In this lecture, The Rev. Chris Kellerman, SJ, will explore the history of how Christianity, with particular focus on the Catholic Church, justified keeping human beings as enslaved chattel.

Planning to Plan: Strategic Planning Preparation

Oxnard Campus

This workshop explores the transformational value of formalizing a strategic plan. The course interweaves case examples and exercises to give participants a practical understanding of how to apply their learning to situations in their organizations.

California Politics: State and Local
Fifty and Better (FAB) March Lecture Series

Zoom PDT

This lecture looks at California politics from two perspectives: state and local and seeks to understand California’s big policy issues.

Unbought Core Ensemble

Samuelson Chapel

Unbought presents the dramatic stories of three African American women: Ida B. Wells, journalist and women's suffrage activist; Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman in U.S. Congress and the first to run for president; and Sally Hemings, the slave with whom Thomas Jefferson fathered six children.

From Combat to Healing: A Vietnam Veteran's Journey to Find Peace
Fifty and Better (FAB) March Lecture Series

Zoom PDT

This lecture details Michael J. Arndt's combat experience and its effect upon his life when he returned, including his artistic works.

Forward Together Webinar Series with Anna Wikland

Zoom PDT

Join this webinar featuring Anna Wikland, country director for Google Sweden, to learn about her 20 years of experience in the online world and being named "Sweden's most powerful woman in Tech."

Dangerous Curves Ahead: French Art Nouveau
Fifty and Better (FAB) March Lecture Series

Zoom PDT

Join Eleanor Schrader as she discusses the Art Nouveau era in France that appeared at the end of the 19th century in a swirling world of societal changes.

The Latino GDP Project: Los Que Superan | Those Who Overcome

Preus-Brandt Forum

The Latino GDP Project provides a factual view of the large and rapidly growing economic contribution of Latinos living in the United States. Join David Hayes-Bautista, PhD, and Matthew Fienup, PhD, as they discuss this narrative-changing research.

“Mariposas del Campo” Film Screening and Q&A
Cesar Chavez: La causa sigue

Lundring Events Center

Join us for a screening of Mariposas del Campo followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers Bill Yahraus and Robin Rosenthal and keynote speaker Maricela Morales.

"Mystics, Mavericks and Mozart"
Areté Vocal Ensemble

Samuelson Chapel

The professional vocal ensemble will showcase the music of medieval feminists along with exciting new compositions by contemporary female composers. Wyant Morton will conduct.