Featured Events

Christmas Festival Concerts

Samuelson Chapel

The Cal Lutheran Choral Ensembles and University String Symphony combine forces to present the annual Christmas Festival Concerts.

2021 Susan Greiser Price Arts and Learning Symposium
"Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum"

Zoom PST

Keynote speaker Libya Doman will help educators reflect upon the barriers that restrict access to arts learning and provide strategies for equitable arts integration.

Rembrandt in Amsterdam: The Biblical Art
FABulous Fall Lecture Series

Zoom PST

Join this examination of the relationships that developed between Rembrandt and the Jews of Amsterdam, including the myths that have encircled the Jewish community’s prominence in his paintings.

Biden Tax Updates
Next Gen Mentoring Forum

Zoom PST

Hossein Salehi, PhD, will interview Colleen Carcone, JD, CFP, about Biden tax updates.

500 Years: Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico
FABulous Fall Lecture Series

Hybrid: Lundring Events Center & online via Zoom

Controversy rages over the character and consequences of Hernan Cortes: at one extreme is a tale of courage, daring and heroism in the name of Christian civilization; at the other, a tale of ruthless, cruel exploitation.

Bach Afternoon Organ Recital Series
Presented by university organist Adan Fernandez

Samuelson Chapel

This concert will feature the music of Bach, Buxtehude, Telemann and Pachelbel.

Improve How You Work Using an Agile Mindset
This Week at Hub101

Zoom PST

Learn best practices and tools for working with greater agility and productivity.

Contagion! “Bubonic Plague in 19th Century China”
History Lecture Series

Lundring Events Center

David Nelson, PhD, will address the 19th century outbreak of bubonic plague in China.


Jazz Collective
Uziel Colón, conductor

Preus-Brandt Forum

Student performers in the Jazz Ensemble will play standards and modern classics.


2021 Mohrenweiser Lecture
Climate Justice, Health and Wellbeing

Zoom PST

Dr. Manoj Kurian will discuss how climate change is threatening human health and well-being, and the ethical and moral imperative for action.