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Thinh Nguyen: REORIENT

Virtual Exhibition

At the heart of this body of work is the ability to expand one’s focus. To rotate the lens in which we perceive the world (using artist Titus Kaphar’s metaphor) simply to benefit from additional, excluded narratives. Divided into three sections, Gendering, De-Centering, and Pandemic, this exhibit responds to our collective cultural moment.

On-Demand Film: 'Black Memorabilia'

Black Memorabilia explores the world of racist material, both antique and newly produced, that propagates demeaning representations of African Americans.

Community Organizing for Transformative Ministry
Learn practices for building faith communities that are agents of the Spirit's liberating work within the faith community and in the broader world.


This five-day formation event equips people to use arts of community organizing to revitalize and reimagine communities of faith as agents of the Spirit's liberating work in our lives and in the world. This class is designed to engage leaders in the work of spiritual and social transformation through practices that cultivate the Beloved Community. 

9 am Tuesday, January 19, 2021- 2pm Saturday, January 23 2021. 

  • Led by: Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Dr. Ray Pickett (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
  • Sister Kelly Marciales (Organizing for Mission Network)
  • Mary Lim-Lampe (Genesis, an affiliate of the Gamaliel Network) 
Holocaust Memorial Day

The United Nations General Assembly designated January 27—the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau—as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Finding Purpose the Japanese Way — IKIGAI for Leaders
Forward Together Webinar Series

Zoom PST

In this webinar, Frank Brueck, author of IKIGAI for Leaders and Organisations — the Way to Individual and Collective Purpose and Meaning, will present how you can have a working life that is enjoyable, meaningful and successful, all at the same time.

Tu B'Shvat

Tu BiShvat or the "New Year of the Trees" is Jewish Arbor Day. The holiday is observed on the 15th (tu) of the Hebrew month of Shvat.

The Chichimec in the Aztec and Spanish Imagination

Zoom PST

This presentation will focus on the visual representation of the Chichimec people by the Aztec and the Spanish empires.

Corporate Leaders Breakfast
Employee or Contractor? The Status of Contract Workers in California

Remo virtual platform PST

Join us for face-to-face networking and a live presentation from Karen Gabler, employment law attorney and co-founder of LightGabler. Learn what business owners need to know about California’s current legislation (including AB 5 and Prop. 22) and case law on the use of independent contractors in a variety of industries.

National Freedom Day

National Freedom Day is an observance in the United States that honors the signing of a resolution that proposed the 13th amendment of the nation's constitution on February 1, 1865. Abraham Lincoln, who was the president at the time, signed the resolution to outlaw slavery.

Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history.

Lead Like an Ally
Next Gen Mentoring Forum

Zoom PST

Chia-Li Chien, director of the Financial Planning Program at Cal Lutheran, will interview Julie Kratz on “Lead Like an Ally” on Feb. 2 at 1 p.m. PST.

DEI in the Workplace: Preparing for Racial Disparity (Part 1)
Lived experiences and best practices — An intimate panel discussion with professionals

Zoom PST

New School of Management webinar series for our students on diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Our first, of many topics, is a panel discussion on the perspectives of racial disparity. 

'Black Composers: Our Time to Listen' with Daniel Newman-Lessler
Fifty and Better Lecture Series

Zoom PST

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, musical ensembles and academic institutions are at long last beginning to "do the work" of studying and performing the music of Black composers, past and present, on a platform equal to that of the Western classical tradition (Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, etc.). This lecture will partake in a brief survey of the lives and music of Black composers from around the world from the 18th century to new music being written by today's composers. Disclaimer: This course will be taught through the lens of a white man who has committed to fighting against systemic racism within the musical community.

Lunar New Year

In China and in ethnic communities around the world, the lunar new year is the most important and most festive holiday of the year.

'Paul Williams: Architect to the Stars' with Eleanor Schrader
Fifty and Better Lecture Series

Zoom PST

Often described as “Architect to the Stars,” Paul Williams left an indelible mark on architecture during a prolific career that spanned almost 60 years. The first Black member and Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, he became known for designs that were stylized and elegant. He had an extraordinary capability with Southern California historical styles, yet he was equally comfortable with modern design. His vast body of work stretches from Beverly Hills and New York to Paris and Colombia, including such luminary clients as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Tyrone Power and Lon Chaney. This class will explore and illustrate the architectural legacy left by Williams and discuss the inspirational contributions he made to each city his designs enriched.

Dr. Myisha Cherry: Racialized Forgiveness
Harold Stoner Clark 2021 Lecture

Virtual Webinar

In her talk, Dr. Cherry will introduce a concept that she refers to as ‘racialized forgiveness.’ She will argue that the practice of this type of forgiveness is morally objectionable because of its psychological origins, moral failures, and negative effects. She’ll then claim we need to practice forgiveness differently.

Ash Wednesday

Each year, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and is always 46 days before Easter Sunday. Lent is a 40-day season (not counting Sundays) marked by repentance, fasting, reflection, and ultimately celebration.

Voices of the Nation Poetry Series
Celebrating the Work of U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith

Zoom PST

The first of a three-part series of live webinars, “Voices of the Nation: Celebrating the Work of U.S. Poets Laureate,” will open with a panel discussion on the work of Tracy K. Smith, U.S. poet laureate from 2017 to 2019. At each event, an interdisciplinary panel of faculty poets and scholars will present on subjects in their areas of expertise, such as poetics, social justice, immigration and indigenous land issues, that intersect with recent work by U.S. Poets Laureate. Students enrolled in the Spring 2021 CLU Honors English class Poetry and the National Consciousness will present selected poems of the poets laureate.

World Day of Social Justice

Since 2007, the World Day of Social Justice has been celebrated by the United Nations. Social justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations.

Paths to Professionalism
What is your career path?

Zoom PST

Join a distinguished panel of professionals and industry leaders to get your career path questions answered.

Leading While Female Conference
With Trudy T. Arriaga, Stacie L. Stanley and Delores B. Lindsey

Zoom PST

Join the authors of Leading While Female and other dynamic female leaders who will offer conversations and stories through keynote addresses and breakout sessions designed to help both female and male educational leaders confront and close the gender-equity gap.