Arts, Lectures, and Gatherings

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival Celebrations

Thousand Oaks campus

The Center for Global Engagement will host activities to celebrate Lunar New Year.

“Unholy Alliances: Labor, Sex Work and Garveyism in the Dutch Caribbean”
Margo Groenewoud, PhD

Ullman Conference Center 100/101

Margo Groenewoud, PhD, is a Dutch Caribbean lecturer who talks about interactions between the Dutch and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean were mostly centered on business transactions and labor migrations, resulting in various forms of cultural exchange.

Harold Stoner Clark Lectures
Sean A. Valles, PhD

Samuelson Chapel

Sean A. Valles, PhD, will explore the ethical complexities of research indicating that mass incarceration and associated policing techniques have had enormous negative health effects in his first lecture, and will discuss housing security as a public health concern in his second lecture. 

“A Discussion of Undocumented Black Students”
Felecia Russell, EdD

Swenson Center for Social and Behavioral Sciences

Felecia Russell, EdD, director of undergraduate admission at Cal Lutheran, conducted a qualitative study that explored the experiences of 15 undocumented Black college students. 

“Gender/ed Justice: Feminism in War and Peace”

Lundring Events Center

Barbara Molony, PhD, will consider Japanese suffragists and World War II Japan’s “comfort women.” Japanese feminists, including activists, writers, members of transnational peace movements, and others who emphasized women's inherent maternal goodness and opposition to gendered violence, had ambivalent or negative attitudes toward Japanese wartime aggression in Asia in the early 1930s.

Community Scholars for Black Lives Fellowship Program Mixer

Student Union

Join us for an afternoon mixer highlighting this year’s Community Scholars for Black Lives Fellowship Program. Students will present a summary of their research projects and program goals.

“The Power of Education and Life-Changing Experiences Behind Prison Walls”
College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Lecture Series

Lundring Events Center

Lori Pompa, founder and executive director of The Inside-Out Center at Temple University, along with justice-impacted trainers (formerly incarcerated), will discuss the power of education behind prison walls and share their inspiring life stories.

“A Path Forward: Climate Change & Indigenous Land Stewardship”
Nicholas Hummingbird 

Ullman Conference Center 100/101

Join guest speaker Nicholas Hummingbird to learn about the critical role of Indigenous peoples in environmental justice, and everyone’s role and responsibility in caring for the Earth.

History Lecture Series: “Hear Me Roar: Powerful, Violent Women of the Renaissance”
Flipping the Script: Unexpected Moments that Time Forgot

Lundring Events Center

“Flipping the Script” is a history lecture series that highlights people, groups or events in world history that are typically ignored or considered irrelevant in mainstream cultural narratives.

For the final lecture of the series, Samuel Claussen, PhD, will discuss several Renaissance women who wielded power as effectively as their male counterparts.

Mariachi Concert
Cal Lutheran Mariachi Ensemble

Samuelson Chapel

The Cal Lutheran Mariachi Ensemble will perform classic songs from the mariachi repertoire.