This Week's Events

On the Range: Works by Terry Spehar-Fahey

Kwan Fong Gallery

In this exhibition, Terry Spehar-Fahey introduces audiences to the world of ranching families in Pahsimeroi Valley, Idaho, a collaboration with photographer Kirstie Lambert who documents contemporary ranching life.

Cole M. James: Call Them In

William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

Power subjugates. Its ability to do so is rooted in the systems a body encounters, and in the mind connected to said body. We navigate as our theorists described this development of identity and system-impacted communities.

Italian Baroque of Bernini, Caravaggio, and Gentileschi
Fifty and Better Fall Session

HyFlex (Thousand Oaks Campus and Zoom)

Along with other contemporaries, this class will give an overview of the development of the three different artists of that time and their distinctive styles.

Global Climate Change: Principles, Implications and Challenges
Fifty and Better Fall Session

Zoom PDT

This course will present the audience with the most accurate scientific information available and an explanation of how these principles come together using examples and predictive computer models.

The Binding of Art and Faith
Fifty and Better Fall Session

Zoom PDT

This course will examine the creation of art and its impact on the development of faith, religion and spirituality; and inversely how faith, religion and spirituality influenced art.

A Modern History of Jerusalem
Fifty and Better Fall Session

Zoom PDT

This course will begin with World War I and trace the modern history of Jerusalem, attempting to understand the modern political forces that have shaped and continue to shape the city today.

The Other Side of Nashville
Fifty and Better Fall Session

Zoom PDT

In this class, Tony Moon will explore the incredible and mostly unknown secret of Nashville: it's wealth and variety of non-Country Music that has had its roots there.

Display of Ancient American Material Culture

Pearson Library

View a display of clay cultural heritage works that represent Nariño, Quimbaya and Calima cultures.

American Civics 101+ (A Crash Course)
Fifty and Better Fall Session

Zoom PDT

This six-part course is a timely discussion that provides a simple but comprehensive path to understanding what every person applying for United States Citizenship today needs to know: how the U.S. Government and Democracy actually works.

Mariachi at Thursday Chapel

Samuelson Chapel

Join us during Thursday Chapel to hear Cal Lutheran’s very own Mariachi Ensemble, led by Rocio Marrón.