This Week's Events

Traces: Revealing Secrets in Art and History

William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

Many works in collections have been altered by time or purposefully manipulated. This exhibit re-examines works of art to uncover what might be hiding in plain sight or just below the surface. Traces offers an inside look at the methods used to reveal the secrets of artworks, ranging from X-rays and infrared light to solvents that remove varnish. 

Garment Girl
by Jennifer Vanderpool

Kwan Fong Gallery

The Garment Girl exhibition developed from Jennifer Vanderpool’s immigrant grandmother’s reminiscences about working as a cook in a sweatshop in the Allegheny Mountains and her mother’s stories about sewing shirt collars to pay her college tuition.

Artist walk-through: Tuesday, Feb. 12, 4 p.m.

History Lecture Series: A Thousand and One Years Ago: 1000 CE
'Courtiers, Warriors, and Rebellion,' David Nelson, PhD

Lundring Events Center

The 2018-19 History Lecture Series "A Thousand and One Years Ago: 1000 CE" resumes with Cal Lutheran history professor David Nelson discussing courtiers, warriors and rebellion.