Lectures and Discussions

Art Virtual Lecture Series (Recorded)
Sessions available free on demand


The Art Virtual Lecture Series includes presentations on more than a dozen topics including Australian Art, Ancient Egypt, the Italian Renaissance and many more.

Recorded and upcoming sessions are available here.

Poetry Writing Session with Samantha Paige
hosted by Autism and Communication Center

Zoom PDT

Bring a Poem - Create a Poem - Q&A

Samantha Paige models vulnerability and self-inquiry in her life, continuously asking herself and others through her Last Cut community, "How can I own my life and make my life my own?"

NEW DATE Managing the Unimaginable: Crisis as an Opportunity (Virtual)
Forward Together Webinar

Zoom PDT

In this webinar, participants will get a new perspective from an experienced entrepreneur, leader and visionary on how managing the unimaginable can turn a crisis into an opportunity.

The Future of Work: Automation and Employment - The workforce in the age of digitalization, AI, and robotization (Virtual)
Executive Talent Management Forum 2020


This year’s discussion will explore whether traditional talent management techniques aimed at identifying, engaging, developing, and retaining an organization’s best employees may no longer be appropriate.