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Embracing Spanish for the Professions at Home and Abroad

The ESPHA program is a collaborative effort between the Languages and Cultures department and the Communication department to pursue three goals:

1) Improve instruction in interdisciplinary courses in global studies and languages by embedding travel components into an existing course, Race and Ethnicity in Latin America, and a planned course, Spanish-language Media;

2) Provide culturally inclusive, affordable language instructions materials for five Spanish for the Professions courses through an open-access archive, as well as free language proficiency testing;

3) Offer field trips and educational workshops that will further prepare students for diversity in their future workplaces and civic life.

Faculty Led Travel Seminars


Race and Ethnicity in Latin America, SPAN 380X, Fall 2023, Travel Dates are January 2-11, 2024

Instructors: Dr. Laverne Seales, and Dr. Rafaela Fiore Urizar

This course explores discourses surrounding race and ethnicity in Latin America from the colonial period to modern day. Students will unpack ideologies that center national identity and language as a means to obscure deeply embedded racial hierarchies.

This course fulfills the Global Perspectives Core 21 requirement.

Financial aid available and several scholarships available. 




Spanish Language Media, COMM 485, Spring 2024

Instructors: Dr. Ryan Medders and Dr. Rafaela Fiore Urízar (Languages and Cultures ) 

This course guides students through an examination of Spanish-language media in Latin America and in Argentina in particular. The course provides a lens for understanding the highly varied needs and goals of various Spanish language media markets in Latin America in connection with its history, politics and culture. This course fulfills the Global Perspectives Core 21 requirement.


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