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CLU Bilingual Authorization Program

About the Bilingual Authorization for Spanish 

As a result of a partnership between the Department of Languages and Cultures and the Graduate School of Education, undergraduate students who are pursuing a Spanish major or minor and are interested in becoming an educator will be accepted into the Preliminary Teaching Program to complete their credentials and requirements for the bilingual authorization. The Spanish language courses students take during their undergraduate programs help them gain proficiency in oral comprehension, reading and writing in Spanish, and key communication skills that are necessary for bilingual instruction. 

This program prepares teachers for highly demanded bilingual education programs within the state of California. Students will need to take an additional 12 courses within their credential program to complete this authorization. The major or minor in Spanish allows students to waive CSET exams III, IV, V that are required for the Bilingual Authorization.


Our program prepares candidates to deliver instruction aligned to California Common Core Content
Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the English-Language Development Standards. Courses
are focused on preparing candidates to offer systematic and explicit instruction to all students including,
struggling readers, students with varied learning needs, English learners, speakers of non-standard English, and advanced learners.

In addition to taking courses and a language proficiency exam, undergraduate candidates will be assessed using signature assignments throughout their Spanish curriculum. These signature assignments serve as benchmarks or decision points to assist faculty in tracking candidates’ progress. You will be asked to create a digital portfolio to display your work.

If you are an undergraduate student, you may use this checklist:


If you are a graduate student, you may use this checklist:



Learn more about the requirements for the Bilingual Authorization.

Two Pathways:



Student Testimonials

Learn more about the Bilingual Authorization Program from current and former students!

Marisol BCLAD
Growing up, I wished I had the representation and support I needed in the classroom – especially because English was my second language. I want to become the teacher I needed then -- one who creates a welcoming environment and is a mentor for students of all backgrounds. This program has allowed me to use my bilingual skills to become the teacher I hope to be. I have strengthened my Spanish skills through various courses that have helped me work towards my Spanish major and teaching credential simultaneously. I’m glad to be part of this program and know it will benefit many students like me in many ways!

Marisol Rodriguez '24
BA Liberal Studies in Education, Spanish



How can I use the BCLAD?

The Bilingual Authorization program will allow future teachers to teach content in the target language. For example, teachers seeking employment in a Spanish dual language immersion program will need the Bilingual Authorization certificate (see Dual Language Immersion Schools). Most dual-language immersion schools only hire teachers with Bilingual Authorization in the target language.

Where can I find more resources about being a bilingual teacher?

The following resources are available:

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