Languages & Cultures

College of Arts & Sciences


Rafaela Fiore Urizar, Ph.D.

Department Chair

Associate Professor of Spanish and Chair, Department of Languages and Cultures
Latin American and Spanish Literature and Film, South American Dictatorships.

Lisa Loberg, Ed.D.

Senior Lecturer and Director of Study Abroad
University of California, Los Angeles 2012

Eva Leticia Ramirez, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Spanish

Karen Renick, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Laverne Seales

Visiting Lecturer

Walter K. Stewart, Ph.D.

Professor of German

Sheridan Wigginton, Ph.D.

University of Missouri 2001

Brittany Corbucci, M.A.

Adjunct Faculty Member

Claire Ihlendorf Burke

Adjunct Faculty Member

Wes Kelm

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member

Constantino Lopez, M.A.

Adjunct Faculty Member
Pennisular, Latin American, Chicano Literatures; Colonial, Postcolonial, Cultural, Queer Theories; Spanish Grammar and Composition

Julio Perez

Adjunct Faculty Member

Wendy Popiel, M.L.A.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
Spanish Language and Cultures

Alejandra Valenzuela Mares

Adjunct Faculty Member