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We know you learn best when you can roll up your sleeves and dive in. That's why we offer hands-on opportunities that give you the freedom to explore your passion through real-world experiments. At Cal Lutheran, you'll push the limits of the classroom and experiment with different approaches to learning.


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California Lutheran University's core curriculum is future-oriented. It embodies the intellectual legacy of the past, yet its chief aim is to prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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This invitation-only program challenges students at a higher level as they grapple with deeper questions of life, identity, and purpose within a global community.

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Learning Beyond the Classroom

Music Production 482

Cal LuPalooza

Students in the Music Production course "Music Industry Management" (MUS 482) organized the 2nd annual Cal LuPalooza music festival in Kingsmen Park this April.

It was junior Austin Linkous' second time at the helm, lending a hand through his role as a department assistant. 

Sure there were a ton of challenges, but at the end of the day when the show happens, it was all worth it.

Austin Linkous '16
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Art/Comm 482

Comics Communications

Globalism, zeitgeist, and the art of visual communication. "ComicComm" (ART 482) students journeyed through the history of sequential art, the genres, critiques and storytelling techniques of comic books and modern-day graphic novels, and ended the course with the creation of a strip of their own.

My biggest takeaway is to never underestimate the power of any medium. Comics and their creators are incredible!

Elizabeth Roemisch '16
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Sociology 318

Raquel Weckhurst

Students in "Immigration in a Global Age" (SOC 318) learned about the Thai community by visiting a Buddhist template, Thai Health & Information Services and volunteering for Thai New Year Celebration (Songkran).

I learned about many of the struggles Thai immigrants are faced with as well as how strong they maintain their ethnic identities through their annual Thai festival, which I also attended. It was a beautiful experience that I will never forget. 

Raquel Weckhurst '15
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