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Biology major photo of student or faculty

Our students enjoy learning about, understanding and participating in the whole discovery process: how information in our textbooks and on the internet is generated. That process has to be holistic and we try to have students participate in the classroom, in discussion with peers and faculty, through research in the laboratory and out in the field, as well as learning what role in that process they will enjoy in their careers.

Chad Barber
Assistant Professor
Political Science
Political Science major photo of student or faculty

Understanding how knowledge is produced is a critical element of democratic citizenship. Working with students on research projects gives them the tools to be effective decision makers that can know the difference between good and bad truth claims.

Jose Marichal
Psychology major photo of student or faculty

My favorite courses this semester are Physio Psychology and Human Cognition. These are part of my Psychology major. I love the teacher-student interaction that I get from both my majors. Professors form a mentor-like relationship with their students and that is what I like.

Salvador Brito '16
Psychology, Biochemistry