Administration & Staff

Jessica L. Lavariega Monforti

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
(805) 493-3015

Greg Freeland
Greg Freeland

Associate Dean for Inclusion and Research/Creative Scholarship
(805) 493-3477

Jean Sandlin
Jean Sandlin

Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Programs and Community Outreach
(805) 493-3848

Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas

Associate Dean of Students & Faculty Affairs
(805) 493-3693

Chad Barber
Chad Barber

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
(805) 493-3873

Deborah Harris-Sims

College Services Manager
(805) 493-3014

Janet Awokoya

McNair Scholars Program Director
(805) 493-3047

Ana Cruz Gorman

Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
(805) 493-3015

Natalie Helton

Administrative Assistant, Art and Theatre & Dance Departments
(805) 493-3452

Christian R. Rodriguez

Administrative Assistant, Humanities Department
(805) 493-3803 

Nita Sinaga

Administrative Assistant, Music Department
(805) 493-3305

Vicki Wright

Administrative Assistant, Natural Sciences Department
(805) 493-3342

Pat Egle

Administrative Assistant, Social and Behavioral Sciences Department
(805) 493-3450

Zujaja Tehreem

Student Assistant for the Office of the Dean