A challenge beyond your major!

The University Honors Program provides motivated, passionate, and engaged students with opportunities that will support the achievement of their intellectual goals.

The program emphasizes teaching excellence in small seminar-style classes that feature innovative, interdisciplinary subjects and offer a high degree of intellectual creativity. Honors students have numerous opportunities for interaction with faculty and a cohort of their peers through specialized coursework, focused academic advising, and peer mentoring.

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Sharri Park

My honors classes provided a space where I was able to have discussions with classmates and was challenged to think critically about current issues in the world. The University Honors Program also helped me to develop interpersonal skills and consider others' perspectives.

Sharri Park '19
Accounting major

Austin Cole

Being in the University Honors Program, as well as being a student-athlete, helped with my time management skills. The University Honors Program has improved my reading skills, writing skills, and critical thinking skills -- all of which I will apply to my life after graduation.

Austin Cole '19
Business Management major

Julie Martinez

The courses are very interdisciplinary, making it fun -- I was genuinely motivated to learn and partake in the conversations. The classmates I met through the program have been most meaningful, as we have grown together since Freshman year.

Julie Martinez '19
English and Biology major, Chemistry minor

Christopher Jelloian

The Honors Program really impacted my writing confidence and ability. It allowed me to challenge myself in classes that I would not have normally taken. They were all excellent courses that shaped my understanding of others and the world.

Christopher Jelloian '16
Physics major, Mathematics minor

Christina Geldert

What I really enjoyed about the University Honors Program was that I was able to feel a different kind of challenge than the classes in my major. All of the honors courses broadened my scope and reminded me how everything fit back into the larger picture. Ultimately, it rounded out my college experience!

Christina Geldert '16
Biology major, Political Science minor