The Foundations of Success

In your first year, you will take a two-course foundational sequence of seminars. This will be taught by a team of professors, each from a different discipline. By studying the intersections between multiple subjects, you’ll discover the interdisciplinary connections that can be overlooked when only thinking about material through one lens — connections that may spark new interests, shift how you see and think about the world, or even become the focus of your future career.

First-year tracks:

Humanities Tutorial Seminars

Focuses on the origins of Western thought in Greek literature and philosophy and theories of justice (ancient and contemporary). 

  • The Humanities Tutorial 1: Ancient Greece - From Mythos to Logos (HNRS-115)
  • The Humanities Tutorial 2: Intimacy, Justice, and Power (HNRS-116)

Core-21 requirements fulfilled: Philosophy, Written Communication (English), & US Diversity

Social and Natural Sciences Seminars

Focuses on special topics in the social and natural sciences. 

  • Social Science Seminar: Power and Privilege (HNRS-120)
  • Natural Science Seminar: Scientific Methods, Knowledge, and Applications (HNRS-130)

Core-21 requirements fulfilled: one Social Science, US Diversity, & one Natural Science (with lab)

Arts and Civilization Seminars

Introduces students to thinking critically and imaginatively about human history and the creative arts. 

    • Arts and Civilization I: Ancient and Medieval Worlds (HNRS-105)
    • Arts and Civilization II: Renaissance and Modern Worlds (HNRS-106)

Core-21 requirements fulfilled: History, one Visual Performing Arts (non-participatory), & Speaking Intensive


Classes that stimulate the mind

After your first year, you’ll take three upper-division honors seminars. These special courses on unique topics change every year, and are designed to help students fulfill their CORE-21 requirements (in addition to their honors requirements).

Course offerings for Spring 2021 include:
  • Poetry & National Consciousness (Dr. Jacqueline Lyons)
  • Music & the Civil Rights Movement (Dr. Greg Freeland)
Course offerings for Fall 2020 include:
  • Global Development (Dr. Haco Hoang)
  • Immigration, Liberation, Theology (Dr. Cynthia Duarte & Dr. Julia Fogg)
  • Political Philosophy of the U.S. Constitution & Government (Dr. Brian J Collins)
Recent seminars include:
  • Muslim Sacred Space & Ritual (Dr. Rose Aslan) 
  • Imagining Climate Crisis (Dr. Bryan Rasmussen)
  • Visual Arts in Diverse Communities (Dr. Maureen Lorimer)
  • Rites of Passage (Dr. Lisa Dahill, Religion)
  • Social Media & Politics (Dr. Aaron Heresco, Communication; & Dr. Jose Marichal, Political Science)
  • Latinos and Public Health (Dr. Cynthia Duarte, Sociology)
  • Religion and Hip Hop (Dr. Rahuldeep Singh Gill, Religion)
  • Global Development (Dr. Haco Hoang, Political Science)
  • Nietzsche (Dr. Walter Stuart, German/Philosophy)
  • Music and the Civil Rights Movement (Dr. Gregory Freeland, Political Science)
  • Food, Ethics, and the Environment (Dr. Sam Thomas, Religion)
  • Medieval Manuscript Culture (Dr. Peter Carlson, Religion)


Click here for the checklist of course requirements for completing the University Honors Program