The Foundations of Success

In your first year, you will take a two-course foundational sequence of seminars. This will be taught by a team of professors, each from a different discipline. By studying the intersections between multiple subjects, you’ll discover the interdisciplinary connections that can be overlooked when only thinking about material through one lens — connections that may spark new interests, shift how you see and think about the world, or even become the focus of your future career.

First-year tracks:


Classes that stimulate the mind

After your first year, you’ll take three upper-division honors seminars. These special courses on unique topics change every year, and are designed to help students fulfill their CORE-21 requirements (in addition to their honors requirements).

Course offerings for Spring 2021 include:
  • Poetry & National Consciousness (Dr. Jacqueline Lyons)
  • Music & the Civil Rights Movement (Dr. Greg Freeland)
Course offerings for Fall 2020 include:
  • Global Development (Dr. Haco Hoang)
  • Immigration, Liberation, Theology (Dr. Cynthia Duarte & Dr. Julia Fogg)
  • Political Philosophy of the U.S. Constitution & Government (Dr. Brian J Collins)
Recent seminars include:
  • Muslim Sacred Space & Ritual (Dr. Rose Aslan) 
  • Imagining Climate Crisis (Dr. Bryan Rasmussen)
  • Visual Arts in Diverse Communities (Dr. Maureen Lorimer)
  • Rites of Passage (Dr. Lisa Dahill, Religion)
  • Social Media & Politics (Dr. Aaron Heresco, Communication; & Dr. Jose Marichal, Political Science)
  • Latinos and Public Health (Dr. Cynthia Duarte, Sociology)
  • Religion and Hip Hop (Dr. Rahuldeep Singh Gill, Religion)
  • Global Development (Dr. Haco Hoang, Political Science)
  • Nietzsche (Dr. Walter Stuart, German/Philosophy)
  • Music and the Civil Rights Movement (Dr. Gregory Freeland, Political Science)
  • Food, Ethics, and the Environment (Dr. Sam Thomas, Religion)
  • Medieval Manuscript Culture (Dr. Peter Carlson, Religion)


Click here for the checklist of course requirements for completing the University Honors Program

Click here for the online Dynamic Forms version of the course requirements 
(this is to be submitted your senior year as you are applying for graduation)